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Thread: Drunk Diapers and Robbery

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    Default Drunk Diapers and Robbery

    So, I don't normally make threads. I prefer the lurker status. But! However I am quite drunk. Drunk... Drunk... Drunk.

    Someone or multiple people broke into my car tonight. I heard them break my window. I rushed out and they scattered. The stole nothing of value except for breaking my window. However nothing like this has happened to me before.

    So my point. Normally I can talk with friends and drink any problem away. However not tonight as I have apparently drunkk everyone under the table.

    So for my first time ever, wearing a goodnites I have wet my diaper. Drunk. So far its not too shabbty. Better than getting up and going to the bathroom. I'm still pmn the fence. but clse. anyhow i am having trouble caring wabout what i a tgype so doog night. be.

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    Kids this is why you shouldn't drink random pointless threads.j/k j/k

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    Well, it's morning now. How's that head feeling? Sorry about your car window. I'll bet you're really pissed about it now that reality has set in. It has happened to me twice. Even where I now live it has happened twice. I leave both the Jeeps unlocked. At least I don't get the broken windows. I just feel violated.

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    Sucks about the car. Don't bother calling the cops... they won't even come out. Just call your insurance company... and get a trash bag to cover the window, it's gonna rain today!

    This is exactly why I just leave my car doors unlocked. The only things in there worth taking are my GPS and Radar detector... about $300 in total value. Locks only keep out the honest thieves... if they want in bad enough they will just break the window. I can replace my GPS or fuzz-buster easier than I can the car window.

    On the other hand... congrats on losing some of that inhibition and actually using the diaper for its intended purpose!

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    when i read the title of this thread
    i imagine a guy in just a ski mask and a diaper robbing a bank

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    Dude..sorry about your car. But you are lucky they didn't hurt or shot you. Instead of rushing out you should have called the police.

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    Police in Charlotte won't respond to car break-ins. Plus, it takes them 30-45 minutes to respond to any call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Police in Charlotte won't respond to car break-ins. Plus, it takes them 30-45 minutes to respond to any call.
    And...I thought the NOPD (New Orleans Police) were the worst. At least they will respond to a crime in less than 30 minutes.

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