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Thread: I am such a n00b

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    Talking I am such a n00b

    Hey all,
    I just found this site and signed up.

    A Little about me:
    I'm 27
    I live just outside Boston MA
    I work in the Tech Industry
    I have a S.O of 4+ years (she doesn't know about this yet though)
    I have been into diapers off and on since I was 10 or so (DL mostly)
    It started with (get this) Maxi Pads and progressed to diapers. Yea I have no idea where it came from.

    My favorite brand of all time is Molicare but I haven't tried Abena's yet so the jury's still out till then.

    I wear when I can, which is not an often as I would like.

    The only other person who knows about this side of me is an ex who shared this "fetish"/lifestyle with me. We still talk but never about this (she isn't comfortable with it any more for reasons which I know not).

    I'm always looking for friends in my neck of the woods to talk to so if you are a Masshole to hit me up.

    On the other side of things:

    I need a new car BADLY!!! but i have some money saved up so I just need to get my butt out there and shop around. My only hard want is for it to be a stick. other than that All wheel drive would be nice and something fun to drive. Current thoughts are an Audi A4, Subaru something or a Honda.

    I love all things geek and tech.


    Umm what else? I'm not sure. I'll post more when I learn a little bit more about this place.

    Talk to you later

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    Welcome ^^ We're all a bit crazy here in our own ways, but I think you'll find us to be rather fun and funny, while also able to have good conversations. (: If you're one for real time chats, feel free to stop by our IRC chan, there's always a handful of people around to hang out with xD

    I personally have only tried Depends and I think goodnights...which I barely fit into. I dont remember but I think I tried Abena as well, though never got to make good use of them due to florida being so damn hot. hot weather + scratchy tapes from diaper = diaper off within minutes. XP I'm more of a TB as it is anyway :3

    have fun looking around though

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC. There are a lot of other techies here so you should check out the computers and games forum.

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    Hey, welcome aboard, that was a great intro, always nice to see another person from the northeast. There's plenty on here from the boston area, although I am not one of them.

    Good luck with the car search, it's great to hear that there's another stick shift enthusiast out there.

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    Hey, welcome to the site! Im sure you will fit in just perfectly.

    Quote Originally Posted by MidniteFox View Post
    Welcome ^^ We're all a bit crazy here in our own ways
    Speak for yourself!

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    Go for the scoob, you'll never go back to fail wheel drive again :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy View Post
    Speak for yourself!
    XD i do ! :3

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    Nice intro, a lot better than most. You seem like quite an interesting guy. I look forward to seeing you around and hope you enjoy it here. Just try to get involved and talk about everything. We like to talk about loads of stuff, not just diapers. There are loads of car fans and tech geeks on here so you should get on with them well enough!

    Nice to meet you! *shakes hand*

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    Hiya and welcome to the site, this is an awesome site to talk to others and get in on some cool discussions

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