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    Parents are leaving for a 10 day vacation and i am going to order some Abena Extra's, but where can I get one of those credit cards at the store where you put the exact amount on it and pay for it at the store? So, any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    These pre-paid are only avalible in North America, right? I can't find them in Hong Kong... (By the way, we have no Wal-Marts here.... sadly)

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    You could also try kroger, i know they have them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    You could also try kroger, i know they have them.
    Yay, Kroger! I work for them.

    I've seen them everywhere around here, even Walgreens and CVS.. Albertsons, Fry's (kroger is called fry's here).. just look around after your parents go out of town! They are bound to be around somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkster View Post
    Yay, Kroger! I work for them.
    When I worked for Safeway I would have cursed your krogerite soul, Unfortunately, I lost my job about a month ago.

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    RadioShack has them too, normally they will mail you a card, but you can get the credit card number so you can buy online right away.

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    Most major stores will have them. I'd make Wally World my #1 priority... they have everything.

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