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Thread: am I the only one who likes my parents?

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    Default am I the only one who likes my parents?

    i've seen a lot of posts that talk about likeing one parent or neither, but i've never seen someone say they like both of they're parents.

    i'll start with my mom. she's one of the nicest, most paitent people i know. she can handle almost any problem calmly and with a normal voice. i can never tell if she's frustrated or angry, she always seems happy. she will help anyone with anything she can befor thinking about how to make her day easier.

    my dad is much harder to get along with, unless you know the trick. if you get frustrated with him, and you show it, you'r not going to have a good day. so just ignore is annoying qualities, and everything good about him shows. he's dedicated to everything he works at. if he finds a problem, he will do everything in his power to fix it. i can have deep conversations with him, and it's not just him talking either. he listens to what i say, and comments on it.

    I love them both, and i wouldn't have anyone else but them.

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    Wow, that's a pretty damn strong point you have going there. And honestly... I think you might o.O

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    Seeing as my mother is a single carer I'd be in a fair predicament if I didn't get along with my only natural parent. Being single parent I presume when we do dispute, which isn't all that often, it's usually over something petty, it's much more intense; we don't have anyone to confine in other than each other. We usually always come to some sort of agreement or compromise and patch things up. I'll be the first to admit my mum has flaws, as will she, just as all parents do, she is no saint but I love her all the same.

    I can't comment on the relationship with my Father since there isn't one.

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    I love both my parents. They've been really good to me. >_>

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    I like my parents, I just find them too protective. They want to know what I'm doing, they always worry about my security, they even searched my name on Google to see if I had any information about myself on a website.

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    I love them both- but somtiems they can really irritate me.. but I guess I probably do the same, so it evens out. I'll be out of here soon enough anyway.

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    I like my parents, of course I don't always agree with them but they are good. When ever I need their help they're there for me and will do everything they can to help me. Though at times I find them a bit overprotective. But I'm happy with my parents and wouldn't trade them for the world.

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    Nice to see that not everyone has such bad relations with their relations. I'm out on my own now, but I got along very well with my folks when I was a kid. We had our disagrements, but more often than not (with the benefit of hindisght) I can see that I was the one at fault. All in all, I'm very thankful to them for the job they did in raising me and I still value their judgment, even if I don't always follow it.

    We were friendly enough that I lived at home for some time after I finished school, even though I was working. I'd have been hard-pressed to find better roommates. The only real downside was having to hide my diaper stuff, and I would have likely felt the need to do that with anyone I was living with.

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    I get along fairly well with my mom. We have a pretty good relationship sometimes, other times we don't. Shes a great person, hard working etc...

    However, I do hate her boyfriend. I never hate anyone, however him, I do.

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