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Thread: How do I skip signing for a parcel? (Australian ABs only)

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    Default How do I skip signing for a parcel? (Australian ABs only)

    So, ladies and gentlemen. Now that you're here, firstly I would like you to read this post in the voice of Humphrey Bogart if that wouldn't be too much trouble, as I've just watched Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.

    I have an activated prepaid credit card for $50. I've decided what I want to buy and from where I want to buy it - the latter is Bright Sky. The problem is, I'm not quite sure how I can ask them to just leave the package on my doorstep without asking me to sign for it. Such signage requires interaction and I am paranoid enough about these things that I really don't want to sign for the package. For that matter, I don't want the slightest indication that it's there until I open my door and see it.

    Is there a way of asking them to do this sort of stealthy delivery, or shall I have to weather the signage?

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    When you order, are you not able to request discrete packaging? That may alleviate some of your concern

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    Well I'm not from Australia but on alot of sites there is a section where you can leave a note with your order, you could use this space to ask them not to require a signature for delivery. That's what I do. Good luck with your order.

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