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Thread: Delete this thread.. Ive made a decision

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    Default Delete this thread.. Ive made a decision

    Hey, I am looking for a decent PCI Express 2.0 graphics card for under $200, with at least 1 gig of graphics memory.

    The current specs of my computer..

    AMD Phenom 9500 x4 2.2GHZ
    4GB PC-5300 RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 3850
    500 Gigabyte Harddrive
    Windows Vista Home Premium x64

    So... any recommendations?

    Hoping to max out GTA4, or The Sims3.

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    My first recomendation: get more RAM! Get at least 6GB (most mobo's have at least 3 slots). Stay the fuck away from ATI. Never get ATI for gaming, because ATI for gaming is a joke. You aren't going to get 1GB of video memory for $200. I don't know about your case, so I can't really tell you a great answer. I'd personally go for the GeForce 9800 series, or the GeForce GTX series.

    A little word of caution. Do NOT do SLI mode (Bridgeing between the cards), it does not act as one big card. SLI renders half of your screen per card, which is very inefficient, and a huge waste of money. Unless you plan on getting 100+ frames/sec on a game like Crysis on high settings, you don't need to get a huge card.

    I ran Sims 3 on a laptop with 3GB RAM, Vista 32 bit, Intel dualcore 2GHz, with 128mb of integrated video memory. Don't overkill.

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    Don't worry about the graphics memory size, within reason. A 1 GB GDDR2 graphics card with 100 SPU's is going to be slower than a 512 MB GDDR5 card with 320 SPU's and a higher clock, for example. The more important things are the SPU's, memory rating (xDDRx), and the clock speed of the GPU. Don't worry about the amount of VRAM, worry about how it performs. Hope this helps you in your search. I have a Radeon HD 3870 that I got for 90 bucks new, from Newegg, and I love it. And I personally prefer ATI/AMD to NVidia/Intel. I'm not a Nvidiot. XD (Sorry, I had to make the joke. Even if it wasn't that funny.) But yeah. I'd personally recommend you an ATI/AMD combo. And I agree, SLI is a pretty big waste.

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    ...About the RAM... My machine doesn't support more than 4GB. And frankly I don't care. If I find a good enough video card it will run great.

    The computer is a prebuild. I bought it used because I got one hell of a good deal on it ( but I regret selling my Dell... )

    Bryce... Great. Great. Great. I am going to buy one of those ASAP. Thanks!
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    Yea, I <3 my GTX260. Though I bought it when it was like $240 or something like that lols.

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    GTX 260

    You aren't going to get 1GB of video memory for $200.
    Orly? I present my GPU: - EVGA 01G-P3-1155-TR GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

    Stay the fuck away from ATI. Never get ATI for gaming, because ATI for gaming is a joke.
    This I agree with.

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    Hmm.... Wow decisions... Well I get my paycheck on Friday so then I will decide....

    ( next Friday.. )

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    The gtx260 and gts250 are about the same, the gtx260 being slighty more powerful though. Ask mm3 for what he thinks about the gts since he's got one.

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