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    baby kiffer

    Default Concern....

    I would not really want to make a big deal out of this, but it is really becoming annoying...

    Whenever I need to go eliminate, I REALLY need to go eliminate (urine). It comes as such a strong urge, out of the blue, that I have to sit/stand there and concentrate on not wetting myself.

    This happens once, between every period (each period is 1.5 hours long), and I don't see anybody else squirming as much as I do. I must admit that a couple of times, I have leaked a little bit, because I wasn't concentrating (but it was nothing big, at all...about equivalent to the amount that comes from "shaking it off" after using the urinal) on holding it in.

    Should I be concerned, or is it normal for people to have such strong urges to urinate after 1.5 hours?


    Breakfast: oatmeal, apple, juice/water (8oz)
    Lunch: PBJ, juice (8oz), banana, orange, granola bar

    ---I normally do not drink any fluids between periods. I only drink at breakfast, at lunch, and after I come home at 3:30 (of course, after running straight to the restroom).

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    i think you should bring that up with a doctor. it doesn't really seem that natural to me. you should be able to hold it much longer than 1.5 hours. i would like to add more, but thats really all i have to say.

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    I would see a doctor... sounds like symptoms of urge IC...

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    As other have said, see a doctor.

    Anything that isn't a typical urinary cycle and you can't attribute anything to it (like drinking lots of fluids makes you want to pee more frequently - that's ok) should be checked.

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    Ya, sounds a bit like urge incontinence to me too...As everyone else has said, it's best you go to the doctor first....How long has this been happening? Have you checked to see what you'd eaten/drank the couple of days before? What about supper? Spicy foods and other things can sometimes irritate your bladder if you're anything like me. Did you notice it spasming at all? Like, when it did go like that, did it do that? Just some ideas...Maybe try to research it a bit.

    EDIT: I checked into is says:"Additionally, it may be helpful to eliminate your intake of foods that may irritate the bladder, such as caffeine, spicy foods, carbonated drinks, and highly acidic foods such as citrus fruits and juices." ( ) maybe the juice didn't help? Check out the link, you may be able to compare your symptoms.

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    Juice and sodas will make you have to go more... that's for sure.

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    This is not normal. I'd recommend seeing a doctor, like most of the people who posted about this.

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    My concern is that you don't seem concerned enough to....SEE A DOCTOR!

    It's all well and good to come to the forum and say "I have this sudden urge to pee every 1.5 hrs. What do you think?" but seriously I don't think there's a doctor in the bunch (well excepting the Peach...possibly...but even he isn't a doctor of medicine!), so the most you can hope for is a lot of people telling you what a lot of people have already told you...see a doctor.

    Water is the best thing you can someone pointed out fruit juices and soft drinks can result in frequent urination (has something to do with the high sugar content, I believe). Caffiene is another culprit.

    But really, the best thing to do is simply see a doctor.

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