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Thread: Bernie Madoff sentenced!

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    Default Bernie Madoff sentenced!

    The ripoff artist Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in a New York Court today. I was not one of the many people he ripped off but am glad to see him get the harsh sentence he so much deserves. I guess our judicial system works sometimes.

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    He has quite a humerous surname. I wonder what the chances are of him living for another 150 years?

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    glad to see that these people who have conned us of our money (not me personally) are being punished appropriately.
    Now I want to see those who were just reckless with our money facing some sort of sanctions too.

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    ...he'll be out in 100 years with good behaviour!

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    This really pisses me off.

    The guy ripped us all off in one way or another... and now our tax dollars are going to pay for him to live for the rest of his life. I'd rather not have my taxes spent keeping rich scum like this locked up.

    Put him on house arrest until he dies... he's got plenty of money... let him pay for his own food and drink and clothing and healthcare. Why should my money, that I earned by working hard and being honest, be taken away so he can sit on his ass and watch TV and read books (and probably write one) in prison?

    People really need to take a stand against this kind of punishment for white-collar offenders. Just like Wesley Snipes... who got thrown in jail for not paying his taxes... guess whose tax dollars are being used to keep him alive now?

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    I am honestly amazed that he got sentanced that hard. Normally rich people get off scott free...

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    I guess on the bright side he's 70-something years old... he's probably only going to be around for another 10-15 years.

    Personally I'm all in favor of mob justice in this area... turn him loose on the street and let all the people he ripped off have their way with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Personally I'm all in favor of mob justice in this area... turn him loose on the street and let all the people he ripped off HAVE THEIR WAY WITH HIM.


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    This is just a sentence of the current atmosphere. With the recession, the public was clamoring for this guy's head; for once, we got it. Remember the good old days when people were getting off left and right with financial crimes because they could afford good representation? God, those were the days.

    Don't expect to see this sort of thing too often.

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    I'm just curious about all the other people who were in on this. You know he wasn't alone. It was far to large for one person to manage. I saw on Nightline the other night that on one floor he had the legit traders set up and on another floor he had the "fake" traders - who didn't even have the software to make trades installed on their computers! They had to have known what they were doing was illegal and i'm sure they got compensated very well. Supposedly Madoff even had daily phone conversations with an FTC supervisor. This thing goes far beyond Madoff. We need to make sure all of the people involved are held accountable to ensure something like this never happens again.

    Madoff got what he deserved. He knew it was illegal and he knew all along that he would get caught someday. You reap the oats so sow, right?

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