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Thread: Coincidence?

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    Default Coincidence?

    this has been out for a while now, but i didn't see it on here yet.
    so anyways for the people who know about Resident Evil, the Umbrella Corporation has a commercial for one of it's products, Rejuvenate.
    Now here is an actual commercial from AVON (a real company), Anew.

    my friend who is deathly afraid of zombies is going to buy a gun because of this lol.

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    Yeah but the color?? and the double spinny thingy. Its jsut to creepy

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    What an odd coincidence.

    Speaking of... has anyone seen the new Travellers Insurance commercials?

    That red umbrella of theirs is awfully suspicious.

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    Yes, and Michael Jackson just died. There were zombies in this Thriller video, and he wasn't far from looking like one.

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    ::Loads shotgun:: Let's get ready to kick some zombie ass.

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