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Thread: Musicians!!!

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    Default Musicians!!!

    What do you play and what do you own?

    I sing, play guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, piano, and drums, albeit poorly in all instances

    I have four guitars; An OLP MM1, A Kay Strat knockoff, a Harmony H-804, and a Chinese acoustic

    I have two amplifiers; A 1989 Fender M-80 Chorus 2x12 combo and a 15 watt Behringer modeling amp

    For effects I have a Yamaha MagicStomp

    I also have a Casio CTK-700 keyboard

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    I have the musical skill of a twitching chipmunk with cerebral palsy, excluding drums which I have never actually played excluding rockband.

    Edit: 700th post! W00t! Sad that it's about how I suck with music...

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    I play the drums. I have this 40 year old (it might be older) Gretsch kit that's in surprisingly good condition. The hardware is a jumble of different parts from other kits, though. The bass pedal is Pearl piece, the high hat pedal is a Rogers piece, and the drum heads consist of Remo and generic fittings.

    My crash cymbal is a NuVader and my ride cymbal is a Zildjian.

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    I play clarinet, and occasionally, I compose music. It's not very good.

    I can hold a tune, but I hate to sing for people.

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    I play guitar. Badly. :<

    Have an acoustic-electric Ibanez that I play with occasionally.
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    I sing at the moment.

    Know how to play: Trombone, Coronet, Trumpet, recorder, flute, harmonica, some drums. I want to learn bass guitar though.

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    I sing and play guitar reasonably.

    My guitar is an Epiphone Prophesy and my Amps a Vox AC30.

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    I play the bass, guitar, kinda keyboard, and kinda the drums
    I own two Squire Precision (One of them is for spare parts)
    Epiphone EB-3 Bass
    Danelectro Shorthorn Bass
    Fender Squire Telecaster
    Egmond Thunderbird (? Not entirely sure of the model name, it's a Holland brand from the 60's)
    Casio Sk-1
    1970 Japanese Apollo 7-Piece Drum Set

    90 Watt Behringer Ultrabass Amp (Not that great, probably going to sell both my P-Basses and then this for a new one)
    15 Watt Line 6 Spider III Amp

    Yeah, most of these instruments are here for band practice, but yeah.

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