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Thread: Jackson has died

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    I really liked his music... It's tragic that all the good people of our age seem to be dying.

    Rest in Peace.

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    How many threads do we need? Use the Search function. Seriously. Or just look at the Off-topic section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon View Post
    That is like, so two days old
    I've been out of town away from a tv.

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    Well then, for this one time, I'll let it slide

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    Repost... for the umpteenth time.

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    ferrah fawcett died and went to heaven. so god said she could have one wish and she asked for all the chidren to be safe....... god killed michael jackson

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    He was a drug user. Let him have the death of a drug user, in my opinion. He got what he had been asking for, in doing drugs. It was his fault. Therefore, he, in my opinion, deserves shame and nothing but. At least, that's how I feel. He brought it upon himself.

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