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Thread: Sleep Better Without A Pillow?

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    Default Sleep Better Without A Pillow?

    Am I the only one who seems to sleep better without a pillow? Also, I was wondering if my better sleep without a pillow is something psychological - like a repressed memory of just a crib mattress, with no pillows? Or is it physical? Or both? What do you all think?

    ~ moogle

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    Sometimes I'll go through phases; like I'll favor my left side over my right, I'll switch where my feet/head goes, etc. I can't say I'd really done a pillow phase. One thing I always have to do though, it to have something between my legs. I hate having them touch.

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    I always need a pillow, even a plushie won't really do.

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    My wife and I have a King Bed with nine to twelve down and feather pillows. I have the three smallest pillows. We call the smallest one the baby pillow (which I can't sleep without). That and the 3 rabbits and two bears are always with us when we sleep.

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    my pillow is about 1/2 an inch thick. its not much, but i NEED it to sleep well.

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    It's interesting, I fall asleep laying my head on a pillow, and often times when I wake up my head is UNDER it. Ha ha. XD

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    I have back problems, so I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees to try and line my spine up. Its the only way I can get comfortable enough to fall asleep.

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    I go back and forth. Tonight--forth. I'll go sans-pillow in the spirit of experimentation. It often gets in the way by morning anyhow.

    I have to say though, one of the best pillows I ever slept on was a pillow case with a bath towel inside rather than a standard issue pillow. Why I haven't gone back to that I do not know. I'd have to do laundry if I wanted to try that again tonight.

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