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Thread: what diaper is the best at walgreens

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    Default what diaper is the best at walgreens

    ok i'm planning on going to walgreens which diaper should I get

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    Usually at Walgreens they don't have much of a choice, you can get Depends, a classic. Or sometimes they have Tenas. Or they have their own brand called Certainty which is a cloth-like diaper which sucks because it isn't plastic backed.
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    If you want cloth backed get the Walgreens brand (Certainty I believe), if you want plastic backed get Depends.

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    Certainty does.

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    Im just finishing up using a pack of certainty diapers, they are much better than depends.

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    I've been using Walgreen's Certainty Fitted Briefs for more than a year, since Baby Grizzy turned me on to them. They are pretty good, almost the best that can be bought locally. The medical supply store has Prevail, which seem to be made on the same production line as the Certainty and are marginally better.
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    If you don't like what you see you can order from in the store and have the shipped to the store for pickup.

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