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Thread: Problem with Tapes

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    Default Problem with Tapes

    Ok, so I have a little issue with my last case of diapers. I normally wear Abena Super's and the last case I bought, seems like every 6 diapers or so have a bad tape. When I tape up my diaper, the tapes come right off the diaper (as in the entire tape set-up). I never had this problem with Abena's before, however did have that problem with Attends.

    I like my diapers tight, but not to tight, where the tapes rip off. Anyone else have this problem?? I hope it was just a bad batch. I think my next order is going to be the Abena Extra's.


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    Sounds like you got a bad batch. I rarely ever have problems with Abenas. Unfortunately quality issues do occur from time to time.

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    I had this happen to a few dry 24/7's but I just used good old packaging tape and it holds like glue, although then you can't remove it without tearing the outside of the diaper.

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    The tapes on my x-pluses have held well. I have had tape issues with cheep store brand cloth-like diapers. To keep them from pulling off the backsheet I put a staple in each one.

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    Sounds like a quality control issue. Happens. I've had issues with one tape (same one on every diaper) ripping off from the backing in one pack of Depends. I also had issues with an entire case of Abena X-Pluses having micro-holes in the outer plastic and lacking the usual amount of super-absorbent polymer. The Abenas I had gotten from XPMedical and I was shipped a replacement case after contacting the owner about the problem. Super customer service.

    If you aren't going to get a replacement, though... duct tape or clear packing tape

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    i think the tapes on most diapers... arent really that good anyways. I would like to see that velcro type of takes they are using on the baby diapers (pampers 7) and then... beef up the size of the tapes. I mean... we are full grown adults. some with more curves (in my case). So, instead of using duct tape... casue its really sticky, etc. I use the aluminum tape that you use to seal off your air conditioning vents, etc. It isnt that stick, and not that big of a mess and holds super well!

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    If you didn't get rid of them, add staples to the tapes. But turn it the other way so the flat big touches your skin. I can only get baby ones, so i do this to strengthen it. Even when it's ripped down to one staple left, still works well. Really is worth it =]

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    Here trick use when taping up your diaper after get all taped up rub each tape with your finger help make glue or what sticky stuff is to stick to the diaper better.

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    I've done the pressing the tapes, and it does not always work. Take last night for instance.. I woke up at 4ish and the tapes on the right side of the diaper were off. The bottom tape was ripped (at the end of the tape). And the top tape was just completely off. I think I got a bad batch myself. I never had these problems before grr...

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    I've had this problem with European Tenas. The tapes aren't as wide as most brands on those though, and I've had the problem a number of times, and I've heard other people talk about it too. I don't know abena's though - having only worn one. From what other people have said it sounds like with Abenas though it is a batch problem. Others should be fine. With this batch I would just say that you should avoid getting it too tight and you should be fine!

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