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    I am living in a bubble. Everything seems to have no way out. It seems like every friend I have in my home town is deserting me and my "summer friends" I won't get to see b/c i have to work my shitty shitty job! Plus my parents are leaving for 10 days to my cottage, great right...nope, now i get to be even more isolated than ever now. The only time I get to leave my house is to go to my shitty job! This girl that I was becoming friends with suddenly decides to not return any of my calls or messages, plus I get made fun of at the store by some other girls b/c of my disgusting appearence. Frankly...these actions are making me see the opposite sex as...well a pain in the ass. As much as I hate to say it, it does. I would really really like to get some counseling, but the nearest office is 4 hours from me, $75 per hour, and I can't get time off of work to go see one.

    B/c of all of these problems all day at work I thought of jumping infront of the train at work and ending it all. Or taking my authentic Austro-Hungarian bayonnet and having it claim one more life... Well thats allm thanks for reading my vent...
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    Your assessment of females seems to be accurate to me (excluding, of course, our own friends who are female here in ADISC). Actually, I don't want to make such a generalization; I know many girls/women who are much more polite, constructive, and genuine than the harpies you described.

    I'm sorry to hear about your isolation. There are things to do with isolation that aren't too bad. Any chance to go to the library? How about fishing? I used to do a fair amount of both during a previous summer's solitude. Both activities promise a higher likelihood of meeting some higher quality folk. Disc golf's the same, I suppose. Are you into reading at all?

    Or, how necessary is the job? Are there possibly some alternatives in your area? I suppose if there were, you wouldn't be stuck with the one you've got (that seems logical). Is this isolation temporary? Sounds like it's mainly for 10 days, right?

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    If you don't like your apearance change something, wear different type clothing cut your hair make a change, you can always go back to the way you are if you don't like it, change is good.

    Girls I can't do anything about, I never had much use for them, but there sorta like trains if you miss one there be another along in a few mins.

    Cheer up, nobodys life go's like they expect it to, you just have to make the best of what you got..... and keep going, who knows you may be the one with the next great scientifiic discovery, or the one who comes up with a billion dollar idea next week or next year, if you do I want a commission.

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    Well that is my plan...make a billion dollars and watch those who made fun of me and mocked me suffer horribly in my job is very essential for me, living in michigan, the economy is gone and i was LUCKY to get this one, so I need to keep it. It is hard to get away from it mainly b/c i work like alomst everyday. So, to meet other people os almost impossible. The isolation is for 10 days...that means for me 10 days of no one to talk to!

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    Well, we'll be seeing you around the forums. I do recommend the library, if you've got one close by that still has hours that fit your schedule (seems to be rare these days). You've also got a telephone right? Family members or friends you can call? Any way you can make the most of this? Although your loneliness is certainly a burden, you have to admit its also partially a resource (at least for a little while); think of the relative privacy you now have. Has there been a time when you wished you had some privacy?

    I'm being trite...sorry. On the one hand, it feels like I'm offering encouragement / advice, but on the other hand I recall the time when an ex was breaking up with me, and she said to me "you should be happy--you're free now!". Riiiiiiight. I hope I haven't come across as that dumb here in this thread.

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    I kind of know that feeling, that past few summers I felt depressed when I was home and had nothing to do.

    What you can do is try to find out if you can go visit a relative/friend who lives a least a little farther away. It helps to get out of town, even if its just for a few days, and will help relieve your summer cabin fever.

    Oh, and please don't do anything you mentioned in the last paragraph. All of us who posted care too much about your well-being to let that happen.

    Anyway, find something that can distract you for a while, even if it is something that you'll be doing alone.

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