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Thread: Hello Im a newbie, lol.

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    Post Hello Im a newbie, lol.

    [FONT="Impact"]I just started to come to the blog, and this is my first real blog to be honest, but im starting to get really into being a baby, my friend showed me to this and i enjoyed it ever so, im a teen baby, and i enjoy bdsm, and other things as well, im getting into being a a furry, (monkey ) and i wanted to announce my arrival here to people, im looking for people to talk about this more, and i really want to know a lot more about this, :] thanks

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    Welcome. A hug for you! Enjoy the site everyone is really nice.

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    Hey hey man. I'm a little confused by your post. Did your friend know that you were getting into being a baby and show you this forum. Or did your friend introduce you to TB-ism and you're starting to get into it?

    Aside from that. Welcome to the sight man, click around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
    haha I introduced him to it.

    Hey Jeffry
    My question still stands, unanswered. Introduced him to the sight, or being a TB in general (as well as the sight)?

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    Welcome to the forums. Would you like to tell us about your other intrests?

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    welcome to the club!
    hope u have a great time being a part of the adisc community!
    ~ Will =)

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