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Thread: Computer... Controllers or Joysticks???? ( Gamepad )

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    Default Computer... Controllers or Joysticks???? ( Gamepad )

    I need help finding one that will let me play games... I want to be able to play GTA4 and Sims3, GTA San Andreas and some older games.

    What would be compatible....

    Be advised I have never owned one before...

    I'm not sure where to start.. :P

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    An XBox 360 controller with the USB plug works fine for me.

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    So I can map my game controls to one? I did not think of that...

    Foster brother has an XBOX 360...

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    The newer consoles come with wireless controllers, so you may have to buy one regardless, but they're still around $15 and work like a charm. My friends and I use them at school from time to time to play Smash 64 on the school computers.

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    interesting i think i will try it. if i am able to use it to play gta then that would be nice n i think you are supposed to use a controller in the computer because tyhe pc version of gta4 has an xbox controller in the controller settings page?

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    I don't think you're supposed to, per se, but as it came out for the XBox too, it's nice of them to have configured the controls for the computer port for those who have the joystick already.

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    Xbox 360 controller won't work.. and no... A KEYBOARD IS NOT GOING TO DO IT

    hence why i am asking for a god-damn controller!

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