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Thread: Helllllllooo, I'm a newb...

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    Thumbs up Helllllllooo, I'm a newb...

    Ok, so I'm not new to diapers... and I'm not really even new to this site. I had a profile once upon a time, but it seemed like I couldn't get anybody to talk. So anyways, hey... here I am... again

    I'm Steve, I like wearing diapers just for fun. I don't wear 24/7, but I do have my own place, so I can wear them as often as I want... which is so awesome! One day I hope to find a DL girl, or babygirl to make mine

    Anyways, I'm from Illinois, and I'd really like to meet people, even if I have to drive... so if you're up for meeting and making friends, drop me a message

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    Hey Steve; welcome to ADISC!

    Hope to see you in the forums. : )

    - Asher

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    thanks guys

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    Hi Steve
    Welcome to the site hope you make lots of friend here. Hope to see you in the chat or posting in the forum.

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