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Thread: Truth vs Lieing

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    Default Truth vs Lieing

    Ok it's been bantered about for many of the threads about how to approach confrontations with parents or being found out by friends and family.

    My personal feeling are fairly well known is to be truthful and honest about what we are doing.

    Others claim it's none of our parents or friends/family business what we do!

    Still others pronounce that we don't ask our parents what they were doing in their rooms, even though the sounds coming from their room can be construed a certain way, so why is it any of our parents what we do in our own room.

    So I'd like to find out what is really better to do or say!
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    well a parent/friend no matter what the issues always like the truth and will normally be alot less ticked of when than if you lie and the find out other wise. while I told my mom out of me wanting to. i am 99% certain she would have liked the truth better if she found out.

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    I think it really depends on your particular situation and how your parents will react. I have always operated under the "deny everything" approach. However I think it will eventually get to a point where I won't care if my parents know or not. I'm pretty sure my mom knows already, but has just chosen to ignore it. My dad... IDK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    I think it really depends on your particular situation and how your parents will react.
    I was going to say this. There are no "this is the only way to do it"; You know your parents better than anyone else would, so you should know how best to deflect suspicion.

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    I think it depends on the situation. If possible it may be best to keep it to yourself but if you are busted its usually best to come out with at least some form of the truth. Either tell the parents you have the diaper fettish or go with you are having issues wetting the bed. Both have risks of being sent to either a doctor or shrink so you need to feel out the situation but if you are ever caught parents aren't likley to just let it go and its better to be upfront than them think you are some child molesting pervert or raiding your room for diapers every few days.

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    You know, lying can be a good thing. It's not always a bad thing to be dishonest. In many situations dealing with parents and *B/DL stuff, lying would be the best option for all involved.

    As for me, my mom probably knows some things because of situations where there was no point in lying. Things were pretty obvious as they were. However, we've both chosen to go with the "what I do is my own business" approach to the whole thing. She hasn't asked any questions about it and I haven't really told her much. It's not that she'd disown me or anything if she knew everything. She's a very open minded person. It's just that we both view sexuality as a personal thing. I'm kind of uptight about discussing sexual things and she, thankfully, respects that.

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    To be honest, i'm not quite sure what I would do if "confronted"......

    I'm an open book with everything else in life, so I doubt I could come up with some sort of satisfying excuse as to why I have diapers in my closet or even worse why I am wearing a diaper.

    Liars suck big sweaty monkey balls, anyway.

    I think if it came right down to it, my parents and friends would be "accepting". I'm sure they would be weirded out, but I think they know me well enough to know that i'm not a perv. Who are they to judge me based on whats going on inside my bedroom?

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    Diapers are a chief motor in my sexual imagination. But that's my own business and will always be my own business.

    There's nothing my parents can add to it, no way they can facilitate it, no permission I need from them.

    It's never caused a problem, so I owe no explanations and seek no discussion.

    If for some reason I were confronted about it, I would lie. I'm not ashamed, it's just that diapers would become an elephant in the room.

    So, I picked option Four.

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    I have had it a few ways. I was first caught with diapers in the bottom of our trash and when mentioned about it i lied and said that was just a phase i was going through. I was confronted a few more times on the matter and continued to lie about it. It wasn't until my mother actually bought me some diapers thinking i had a problem. I then fessed up saying it was more a sexual desire. Displeased about it she avoided me for the next week or two, then life resumed after that. Before i set out to college my parents asked me to discontinue as it might seem socially unfit for me. I agreed, but it wasn't long till i was back in diapers. Now as i am a few 100 miles away from home what i do now is my own business, but i don't want to risk my business to collide with my family again.

    If i had it my way i wish that i told the truth at first and then be somewhat accepted by it, but several things in my past life told me to lie about it. That and the initial embarrassment by it.

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    :bunny:Thinking back to my teen years, I'm sure after wanking off in my bedroom, I didn't walk into the living room and announce: "Hey, everyone, I've been in my room for awhile and I just got done choking my chicken! Oh, no need to get up, I'm a little drowsy, but I think I'll just go into the kitchen and have a drink."

    I think most parents do not and would prefer not to know what their adolescent child is doing in their private time.

    Both of my sons are adults now, I still do not know or care to hear about their particular sexual/lifestyle proclivities. I certainly would not be judgemental regarding their lives and life choices. If they came seeking my advice I might give them my best opinion, but would prefer that, as adults, they had others to confide in.

    The right to privacy is a basic human right, this includes the choice to NOT disclose these things to anyone you do not wish to know. This is not lying or lack of truthfulness. I do not need to have a shirt that says: HEY, I am wearing a diaper - Just wanted to be honest with you! :bunny:

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