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Thread: Does anyone ever "ruin" diapers for you?

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    Default Does anyone ever "ruin" diapers for you?

    Here's what I mean by the question in the title:

    Every now and then I'll be talking with people or I'll see something on TV involving changing diapers, normally when the topic is an actual baby.

    And normally when discussing diaper changing, it's looked at as a chore and something that's just nasty and unpleasant...just a part of life.

    Now, I've actually never taken care of a baby and I've never changed a baby's diaper. But I'm sure that these descriptions are totally accurate...especially for a parent who has to change tons of diapers all of the time.

    But I always hate hearing about it because it makes diapers seem kind of...dead. Like there's nothing special about them. They're just an unpleasantness in life. So whenever I see something like this or if it ever comes up, it immediately lowers my interest in diapers and AB stuff.

    For me the exact opposite of this is something like one of those cozy diaper commercials. They make diapers are fluffy and nice and soft and they're wonderful. And the parents always seem to love changing diapers and it's this special little thing. In all of my AB fantasies, that's what diapers are...they're not a bad thing, they're not just a job or a chore.

    Can anyone else relate to what I'm saying at all?

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    I think i understand what your saying. But nothign ruins diapers for me... cept for the dubasses that appear in the news. -_- But other then that nothing really does turn me off tough. But those diaper commercials really work.

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    I can see what you're saying, Teddy.

    Although I've never really felt like that, and perhaps even take a little joy when people make negative comments about them. I guess when someone is talking about changing diapers, I imagine myself in the role (of either the carer or baby) and because it's a fetish for me, the concept appeals, despite knowing full well that it is disgusting and it is a bit of a chore.

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    I can definitely see where you're coming from. I've worked with children for years, and I've changed countless amounts of diapers. I've never actually minded the chore; in fact, people that I work with generally have me do it, since I was never really disgusted with it. It's just that, while I don't mind it, it became mundane and not very special to change diapers. It also became something that I did exclusively when dealing with people small enough for me to carry around.

    Needless to say, it almost makes changing my boyfriend (who is 9 inches taller than me and definitely too big for me to carry around) an unpleasant thing. Not to mention how awkward it can feel to wear one myself if I'm not little enough already. I guess you could say I almost ruined diapers for myself! XP

    I'm able to laugh about this because I'm able to overcome it. Since my boyfriend and I started out by just roleplaying online, with me as the care giver and he as the baby, it's much easier for me to see him in that light. While it still, three years later, feels very strange to be in that situation in real life, focusing on the role playing part of it is usually what makes me more able to do it. I guess I just have to keep changing his diapers until that becomes normal too!

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