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    Default Twin schools!

    Does anyone here spend half the day at one school then go to another for the other half?

    This is what me and about 200-300 kids at my schooll do.

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    No, but until they built the extension in my school (about 3 years before I started going there), they had two seperate buildings about 3 blocks apart. The primary school used the old building for a while after aswell.

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    No haven't but some people did to do Advanced Higher English, I nearly had to, to do Advanced Higher Physics, because it was at the same time as biology, but it was worked around.

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    No but my school has another building which was it's original place, for Woodshop/Food Service/ Office Practice/Landscaping that you have to do all four 1st year then 1 in your 2nd year for a whole semester.

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    My school shares a campus. One school is test-in and you needed good grades to get in and stay in. The other school is a regular public school. For some reason, the latter school gets more funding. In order to compromise (since the schools often quarrel), the former has agreed to allow the latter's students to take three classes in each day of some of their curricular classes, and the latter has allowed the former to partake in their extracurricular classes. I'm taking band, taught by a teacher from the latter, and my five other classes are from the former.

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