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    Hi everyone! My name is Nicole (Nikki) and I am an adult baby. I have only really realised this since I was 22 and told my girlfriend exactly what I felt like I needed in a dominant mother. Now I'm 23, married and my wife is my mommy.

    I always knew that there was something different about me that I couldn't quite put my hand on. I used to try and put a towel around me like it was a diaper just to feel what it would be like at that age I was 7 and I think my mother caught me and told me I was being stupid. The next time I thought about it I was a teenager but was going through a lot of problems with family abuse (my loving father and stepmother had gone violent on me) and I moved back with my mother again who spent most of her time ignoring me but hey, it was better than getting beaten.

    I've only recently started believing that it is ok to be an adult baby and to feel most comfortable when I am in my mommy's arms. Wearing my diapers and sucking on my thumb snuggling my pink bunny rabbit. I am a very open girl with all of my thoughts and feelings laid on the line. I have a wife and am happy in that reguard but would love to find some new friends to hang out with me who understand about my infantilism.

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    Interestinggg....nice introduction too...

    Your one of the few infantilists who have found an accepting and particapting partner, all that matters is that your happy I geuss.

    Anyways Nice to meet ya and Welcome to our community. I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Thank you eclipse. Yeah I hope that people are friendly here.


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    Heya Nikki, and welcome! I'm sorry to hear about your past abuse, if you look around the boards we have a topic about that, maybe you could post? If not, I hope to see you in other topics being active. It's nice that you found a partner that accepts you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by care_a_lot View Post
    Thank you eclipse. Yeah I hope that people are friendly here.


    Of course! See just look at all your replys already!

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    Thank you for your warm welcomes they were much appreciated.

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