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Thread: Computer- Got a new one...

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    Default Computer- Got a new one...

    Phenom 9500, 3gb RAM, 500 GB Hdd, ATI RADEON 3850

    5.7 wei rating... can't wait to play some games on her

    Pics coming soon... I finally got my leetness bacK!

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    not to start a war or anything....but why AMD and ATI...most games play a lot better on intel and nvidia, and the drivers are 10 times better.

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    I know... but I can't complain. I'm lucky to have this bastard.

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    @ Least I have a computer...

    I've been without a gamer for a while. When I upgrade this computer, I am going to upgrade it to an NVIDIA and put the current graphics card into another computer.

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    I hope you wiped it to get rid of that bloatware.

    Sorry, I'm 1000% against buying computers, I'll go leave.

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    LOL at my setup there... but the room is kind of small...

    As you will see.. there is 5 and a half computers in here, and Xbox 360, 2TVS, 2 Dressers, 2 bunk beds....

    Geek. Cave... ( not my desk, one of the other guys computers and yeah, thats me I was working on it )

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