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Thread: Helloo peoples! I'm new

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    Default Helloo peoples! I'm new

    Hi my names wolfy(aka irvin) I'm new to this website. And so far i pretty much like this web. Anyway I'm into some sports like swimming soccer, tennis, and wrestling. I like to play soccer for fun. I also like to draw, plant, garden, and video games. I especialy like to play video games. I'm just barely in vacation after hard work in hight school. .

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    Hiya wolfy, and welcome to ADISC. You mentioned gardening - what kind of plants do you grow?

    ~ moogle

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    Welcome Wolfy! Cute name, I hope you have fun here, everyone is really nice!

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    Hiya Wolfy cute avie I love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Raccoon sooooo cuuuuute I think I just od'd from the sweetness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    That is adorible!

    Anyway, welcome to the site! I hope you like it here.

    You like to play soccer to? Thats really cool. I want to join my highschools soccer team, but I think I wont be as good as all the other kids that play at my school. I really liked playing it in GYM though!

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    Welcome to the forums. You should check out the computers section under off topics to talk about gaming.

    Racoon where did you get that picture? You look for it just because this guy joined or already had it?

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    i've seen it, there all cool and interesting.


    Quote Originally Posted by MoogleIsNotASmurf View Post
    Hiya wolfy, and welcome to ADISC. You mentioned gardening - what kind of plants do you grow?

    ~ moogle
    Well i just planted chilis rainbow sherbet, watermelon, tomatoes, and beans for now/to see how it goes.
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    Welcome to the forums. (Mayby I'm a little late?) May I ask what you draw? (manga, cartoon ect.)

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