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    I think I may have found my ideal setup.

    It involves Abri-Form X-Plus from National Incontinence, at US$27.95 for a pack of 14 (which is well within my price range); Leakmaster Deluxe pull-on plastic pants from, at US $16.95; a CoverUp onesie at US $37.71.

    Anyone care to comment on:
    a) X-Plus?
    b) Leakmaster Deluxe?
    c) onesies?
    d) National Incontinence?
    e) ACD?

    I'd like to know who I'm buying from and what I'm buying before I make the leap. I understand X-Plus is considered pretty good, but as for the other items I'm basically clueless.

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    I would definately reccomend XP Medical for the X-plus... their service is wonderful.

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    can't say much ecept the leakmasters look good in orange on the screen... any way they have been talked about on other sites and pretty good reviews

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    Shipping to Canada from XP for Abri-Forms is $25.25 - and I'm in Australia! Anybody have any idea what the shipping cost is like for that kind of distance?

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    About the diapers - look here.

    Ordering from overseas is just insane for this country.

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    Abri-Form is basically out of the picture.

    My range of choices has diversified, though:
    - Cello Econoform. They don't seem to have a website, though, so if anyone can provide a sizing chart for them that would be cool.

    - Molicare Super Plus. They seem to be Abena's main competitor in the ADISC community - anyone care to confirm?

    - Depend Super Briefs. I've heard bad things, but I'm willing to reconsider if anyone has anything to say.

    - Sanicare Abriform X-Plus ... I might well pop for these if Sanicare is distributing Abenas in Australia, and it certainly looks like they are.

    - Tena Slip Maxi. These are my usual brand, just like Coke is my usual drink. Should I trade them in, so to speak?

    - Lille Supreme Fit Maxi. Do these have anything to do with Tena? The pictures from Suberia indicate they also have the advantage of looking slightly cuter than the other brands, in an institutional sort of way.

    - Vlesi Slip Comfort Premium. The absorbency is impressive - Independence Solutions lists it at 3.3 litres for my size, which is down from the Abriforms by only 300 ml. Abriforms are a small matter of 33 cents more expensive per packet, though ... Does anyone have anything on the comparative virtues of Vlesi and Abena?

    There also appears to be a range of cloth diapers:
    The only notable ones are Elanettes 4B or 4BV, which are snap-on and velcro-on 1-litre diapers respectively.

    Anyone have any reviews of any of these? I know there's the diaper reviews section but I prefer to get my information from on-the-ground sources, as it were.

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    I have tried Molicare Super Plus before... they're right up there with Abri-form X-plus. I really want to try some of the Lille Maxis and Tena Slip Maxis... I've heard lots of good things about both brands.

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