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Thread: Greetings!

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    Hi! Just posting to say introduce myself... I'm new obviously.

    I'm interested in soccer/football. I'm a fan of West Ham United. Despite my pictue Valon Behrami is actually my favourite player. I play at right-back myself. I also like playstation, as all teenage boys do. Umm... Reading... Gese... Why does my mind go blank at moments like this?

    My lifes good. I've made the debating team at school. I have a big debate coming up soon. Will tell you guys if we win. The moot is 'Should Australia become a part of New Zealand?' We are for said argument. I also have speeches coming up. Tackling the topic of Spontaneous Combustion. Convincing people it's real will be a challenge, but a fun one! (And I do not personally believe it's real)

    I just found this site through google. Nothing spectacular. Just typed teenage baby or something and got redireced from i believe.

    I'm a teenage baby, and the babyfur thing intrests me. I don't like pooping in diapers, here I call them nappies. Um... I'm straight. May aswell get that out of the way. I have a girlfriend.

    And finally can I mention how great this site is. An anonymous way to meet other tbs, dls etc... It's great. And taking care of the cookies for us? Brilliant. Love it. Thank you so much for this.

    Well thats me for now! Post more later I geuss. If I think of anything...

    Ahh! I meant the moot is 'Should New Zealand become a state of Australia?'
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    Heya, welcome! You're a soccer fan I see! Me too - although I was/am more interested in playing than watching. What are your favorite Playstation games? Also, do you think the PS3 is better than the PS2, if you have one? I heard it was somewhat disappointing...

    Oh, and don't worry about your mind going blank when posting...Your intro was great, and you'll probably get over the initial shyness soon.

    ~ moogle

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    Welcome to the site, for a minute I thought you were from the UK, you seem a pretty sound guy - so welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it and find any answer to questions you may have.

    As for moogles question. The PS3 is far from dissapointing, the games are absolutely spot on and same for the graphics, as seen here - IGN Video: Gran Turismo 5 PlayStation 3 Trailer - E3 2009: Sony Conference Trailer those graphics absolutely blew me away, make sure to watch in high res

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    I'm also a huge soccer fan, my team is Stoke City I also play, but I'm a goalkeeper (I'm too unfit to play out :P)

    Does your girlfriend know?

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    Just a quick post... It's pretty early. I'll answer your questions later... I just realised though. My friends all know my online name. A quick google and they find me out... Really worried. Can I change my profile name?

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    I've thought abut it. I overeacted... Lots of reasons I won't get caught out, but anyway...

    I have a PS2, the PS3 is certainly way better, but... How can I put this? The earlier games, even most PS1 games, they just have that fun, retro feeling. The fact that they are not so 'clean' graphics-wise and that is nice! The PS2 was better for it's time aswell.

    Stoke City eh? The Potters. I have to say a masterstroke with signing beattie. I just need a moment to scream a silent scream, of hapiness. Coz we just signed Jiminez! I definitely prefer playing soccer to watching though... Only just. But I do.

    My Girlfriend has no idea. I told my ex... Now she's in Australia. No worries with her telling! A friend knows. My mum and my sister too. My sis used to wet the bed. Got drynites. In a size that fitted me too. So I borrowed some every now and then. Well borrowed implies I gave it back but you know what I mean! Now that she's stopped I've had to make 3 last almost a year now. I have one that I've worn alot, but now wet, and one fresh one left... Really sucks. I need more! But can't really get them 'caus I live in the country. Anyway... I talk to much!

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    haha well I hope you like it here, Its a nice friendly site, with some really odd people.

    Ok so maybe jsut a few odd people. I'm not much of a soccer fan. But I do agree with you the PS1, PS2 do have some great games, An the PS3 also has some great games being made

    I have to say my fav PS1 game is Legend of Dragoon
    and my fav PS2 game was Dark Cloud

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    Ahh yes! The spyros were what ps1s were all abut to me! GOSH! The new ones just can't offer that... And plus they are god of war like, naughty dog stopped making them. Hey this is probably odd, but soccer is huge in my life, and so FIFA for ps2 is aswell. If anyone does have one, can I see your best ever team? If this is way off topic for this site tell me... I'm knew...

    West Ham United
    GK 92 Sergio Asenjo
    RB 90 Dan Gosling
    RCB 91 Pique (Captian)
    LCB 92 Breno
    LB 91 Gareth Bale
    RM 97 Jesus Navas
    RCM 94 Fabregas
    LCM 92 Jon Obi Mikel
    LM 98 Leonel Messi
    RS 95 Baxter
    LS 95 Vela

    GK 88 Neuer
    CB 87 Garay OR CDM 89 Rodwell (Depends what I feel like)
    CM 88 ? (Some guy from Arsenal)
    CAM 92 Toni Kroos
    CAM 95 Pjanic
    CF 91 Moses
    ST 90 Balotelli Burwuah

    And this club is some years in future...7...

    Is this completely out of place to post?

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