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    A lot of us here must work for a living and I am experiencing another summer working at a day camp. I met my new coworker today and I did not get some positive vibes from this first impression. Now I can't predict the future, but this has just let me quite worried and concerned for what could happen. For all of us who work with other people, do any of y'all have tough coworker situations and how do you try to deal with it on a daily basis.

    Do not get too specific as to give direct information about these coworkers but just give a sense as to how they are. This ain't a hit list but hopefully a mature discussion topic of problems that some of us may, have, or might be in.

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    Before I lost my job, There was this one guy who hated me because, on my second day or so, all the bagboys (and 1 bag-girl) were sitting around trading yo mama jokes and I said the wrong one to him. I can't even remember what it was, but he was severely pissed off. The only thing I could do was apologize and hope for the best. He resented me and made it clear every shift we had together. I just figured out which shifts he had and made shift trades with the other guys to stay the F away from him. That also got me a little bit extra cash since nobody wanted to work on sunday, and I got paid 1.5 times my normal wage.

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    I've only ever had one co worker i couldnt stand. This guy was the douchiest douche in the world. He was half my size but twice the spunk, and he seemed to want to piss everyone off that he worked with. the boss was always on his ass because he was a slacker. bastard got payed more than me too because he was 18 and I was only 17 at the time.

    and yet, despite all this, he was a good drinking buddy.

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    Are you kidding? Responsibility without authority leads to bad places. And when people do not share your point of view, being "other" is a tough road to hoe. Like I was proud and happy to do blue collar work as much as I was happy doing academic stuff, but some guys seemed to resent me for thinking differently from them, I mean in a different manner, not being of a different opinion. They resented me when they thought (wrongly) that I believed I was better than them; they scorned me for not thinking I was better than them.

    Part of the secret is not that you should work less hard, but that you should make it look easy, and not like an uphill struggle, even when it is. They resent it when I take joy in working twice as hard as they do, flogging myself to death, because I don't feel I've done a day's work unless I achieve near-exhaustion; they resent the guy who delights in making a game of seeing how many balls he can juggle at once. Because that is not how they do: they show up, do an adequate or even a good job, no more than is required though no less either; they are not there to outdo themselves, and do not like to feel they are made to look bad, even when that is not the intention.

    People say I try too hard; I respond, "how much less I should try?" - and they have no answer. Yet that is my way. Not to do so frustrates me. So I do not fit in with the fast thinkers who are clever without effort, or the clever people who get the things I cannot. Nor do I fit in with the dullards. I do not fit in with the small-talkers, with my bent for serious subjects; and my jokes are not their jokes. My recreation is not their recreation.

    So, yes, co-workers have been problematic. And far too often, bosses; I believe the right boss and co-workers outweighs any other consideration, including safety and compensation, and what the work consists of.

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    I have one co-worker I don't like. She doesn't like me because I have the same name. It's actually quite funny. Most people don't like her though, she's the topic of the little gossip that gets around because from what I've heard, she's quite the liar.

    I just ignore her, it's not that hard. I communicate when I need to, and that's that. I don't have to like her to work well with her.

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    i've been having coworker problems the past couple of weeks. this woman that i work with is very experienced and talanted at what she does, and she thinks this gives her an excuse to treat me like shit. she'll come up to me and bascially just push me aside and do whatever i was doing herself.

    she usually does it better than i ever could, too, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating for me. i recently took her aside at the end of the day and told her i don't quite know how to take it when she does things like that, and i'd appreciate some more communication from her. she chose to interpret that to mean i'm hypersensitive about people being in my space when i work, so now she's snobbishly staying as far away from me as she can all day long and refusing to help me with anything. i suppose she's hoping i'll come begging to her for help.

    some people must have fallen asleep when they taught us about cooperation and teamwork back in elementary school.

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    Oddly enough, despite the fact that there was some drama, I completely got along with my co-workers when I worked. Never had any real issues, we all co-operated to get our work done, and bullshit quite a bit too. Luckily we all did it so we got away with it. >

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    Some more co-worker stories:

    My last boss was a complete nut job. she had no idea what she was doing and the only reason she was promoted to manager was because our other boss quit. She made cakes before being promoted. Cakes! What kind of idiot would promote her to manager?!

    I also worked with a girl who had a boyfriend that threatened to stab me because he thought I was flirting with her.
    1.She's really ugly.
    2.She was trying to seduce me.

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    I've always worked fairly solitary jobs, but the only time I ever had a co-worker who made me think "Dear God!" was when I was working as a dishwasher and this new guy started working there too.
    He was lazy as hell, and kept offering half-arsed 'shortcuts' that he apparently did all the time at some other place he worked at.

    I made him clean the floor at the end of the night, and then I made him clean it again because it was crap, and then I made him watch as I cleaned it properly.
    Never saw him again.

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    You're always going to come across people you don't enjoy working with. You just have to learn to deal with it.

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