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  • yes (had a good time)

    14 28.57%
  • yes (something went wrong)

    1 2.04%
  • yes (to the abena point)

    3 6.12%
  • no (didnt have diapers)

    10 20.41%
  • no (havent gotten the chance)

    14 28.57%
  • ive done it but i didnt remember

    1 2.04%
  • no (I don't want to)

    17 34.69%
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Thread: Wearing diapers at parties

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    Default Wearing diapers at parties

    im just trying to get back the old topics

    have anyone went to a party diapered
    have anyone thought of it

    Post your experience here!

    def. of party: rave, dancing, potluck, birthday party. any other of the sort
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    I've used the excuse when first buying adult diapers... but not been to one yet..

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    No, and I wouldn't want to. I think you should add that as an option, or at least (Other), I didn't vote, because none of them fit.

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    I guess it really depends on your definition of a party...I've been to an ABDL munch diapered...I've been 'out on the town' with friends (during the day) diapered...I didn't vote 'cause I don't know how you are defining 'party' and is it different than just generally being diapered in public places?

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    i went to thanksgiving diapered
    no one noticed
    but it was cuz i was sleeping over at bestbuy to get the black friday sales

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    No one likes me enough to invite me...

    But...I'd so do it!


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    This poll doesn't have the option "No (I think it would be a terrible idea)"! I could wear to a party but I really wouldn't want to - first, there would be a lot of people there, which would make getting discovered more likely and make it worse if I was discovered. And then at parties there's usually dancing and drinking... which would make it a lot easier for people to catch a glimpse of the diaper. And dancing in a diaper doesn't sound like it'd be comfortable anyway.

    Oh, and the parties I go to always end in me taking off my clothes... so it wouldn't be a good idea.

    I just don't think it's a good idea to do something you want to keep secret at a large social gathering.

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    I have never had a chance to, but I would really never want to. I have always preferred enjoying diapers in privacy.

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    I go to "parties" with my friends diapered all the time... thickly diapered even... never have to bother getting up to go potty... it's great

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