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Thread: diapered long ago?

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    Default diapered long ago?

    Alright, this may sound like some fantasy story, but i assure you it isn;t!

    When I was I think3 I went to daycare at a Lutheran Church. And one day I wet my pants a little bit, not too much, but enough to make them uncomfertable. So I asked one of the supervisors. I said "I had an accident" and she was like "Well what do you want me to do"? So I said "Could I wear a Diaper"? and she gave me one and out me into it. After she called my mom to bring me a change of clothes. But I sat in just a diaper and shirt for like a half hour. It was during snack time and I was wearing an exposed diaper while eating cookies. I never used the diaper, just sat in it as "underware" until my mom came.

    This may sound like some fap material but it isn't. I always wondered how I was able to be put into a diaper just like that no questions asked. Did anyone else ever have a similar experience?

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    I haven't, but I do not see that being far fetched.
    I wasn't potty trained until three and a half years old.
    They probably didn't have underwear on hand, but plenty of diapers.
    Since you just wet yourself and you had asked for one, I don't think there would have been much issue with doing so.

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    I dunno how related this is to your experience but one of my earliest memories is when I was little, my babysitter (my neighbor) put me into a diaper at night for bedwetting I assume, which must have been a regular thing, because I didn't fight it (and boy was I a fighter) and when we moved I remember finding a diaper under my parents bed. I remember when I found it I thought it looked pretty big. Also I think I was diapered for long car rides for a while.

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    I had a very similar experience but at a babysitter's house down the street from my aunts. Pretty much I had a accident though I was wearing a pull-up since I was in potty training (I was 3), however I did not have much of a choice but to wear a diaper so I submitted to her command and let her diaper me. However I hated every second of it.

    That's the only lead I have to go on to why I really like diapers, other then them representing easier times of course. But I am not a submissive or anything, I don't like being forced around or forcing anyone else around.

    another time when I was like 4 or 5 I was in my church daycare and I was watching some other kid get changed and the woman doing it asked if I needed to be changed after she got done. I shook my head since I was potty trained and I did not have a accident either. (This is when I realized I actually wanted to try them again.)
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    I was in diapers during the day until I was 3 and at night until I was 6.

    I remember when I was in reception (I have no idea of equivalent grade, but I was 5) I went to school with my diaper on because I forgot to take it off from the night before, as nightly wetting wasn't always happening it was more like 1 in every 2-3 days.

    I was so embarrassed because when I went to the toilet (we had alloted times where we were allowed to go mid-class to the toilet in such a low year) and everyone was in the toilet, and I still had a diaper on. All I did was hide in the stalls until everyone was gone.

    Dunno if that counts as a similar experience, but I do have one which is essentially the same as yours which happened when I was 3 (just after I stopped wearing diapers), only it was a normal daycare - not a church one.

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    Hmm...a while after I was potty trained (roughly age 2 or 3), I noticed a cousin sleeping on plastic sheets because she wet the bed. I got jealous, and asked my mom to let me sleep on plastic sheets. She improvised with a plastic garbage bag...kinda cool of her.

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    Thats not to far fetched actually. That makes sense. Cool little experience you had!

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    I had an experience kind of like that. I was fours years old, and the babysitter was over. She was new, I think, because when she opened my closet door to get me ready for bed she saw a pack of diapers on the floor and asked me "do you have to wear these at night?" They were left-overs; I was potty trained by this time. But I still said, "yes." And she diapered me. I remember my older brother laughing at me for wearing a diaper while she read us our bedtime story.

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    Yup. I had an experience whereby at nursery (age 3) I wouldn't use the toilet for a poop (only when at home). I had a rather messy accident and was terrified someone might notice. I think I went all day before a staff member noticed. I was taken to be changed and I tried to say what had happened but I had a sort of family code name for poop so no one knew what I was trying to say! I didn't get diapered though. Just changed. I had been potty-trained by 20 months (quite early) but was afraid of using the toilet for a poop at nursery! My fear of pooping anywhere but at home lasted for some years and along with being made to wait unreasonable times to pee, I think it contributed to my current nappy-wearing habits.

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    Sadly I don't have any experiences like this I really can't remember anything before preschool. My memory is horrible.

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