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Thread: Amount of Sex: Gender differences

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    Default Amount of Sex: Gender differences

    This may be abit random but its something ive kinda been thinking about for a while. How come when a girl has sex a lot its a bad thing and she automaticly becomes a slut, but when a guy has a lot of sex its ok, or hes cool? Personally i think its ok for a girl to have as much fun as she wants as long as who ever she does it with has a condom. So why it is bad when a girl has sex with a lot of different ppl but when a guy does hes cool?

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    One this belongs in the mature section. Also there is a similar topic already made. But i think it's because the guy can't get pregnant but i don't think many people think either gender having sex is "cool".

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    >.> What the hell...

    What gen said, I wish I could add something but I can't find the right words.

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    Moved Topic, Renamed it and left it open since this is a rather good topic to talk about, actually. After all, this is prevalent in many societies, Where if a woman sleeps with a lot of men she's a slut, but men are viewed as Legends if they sleep with a lot of women.

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    Men have no real problem having sex with multiple partners, since they can wear condoms and get away with it relatively easily, with very low chances of getting a sexually transmissive disease, if that's how you call it here. Women's vagina is more... open, it's less secure than the penis, which is almost totally covered by skin. If you have a very small hole and a huge one, which is more likely to receive germs and bacterias? Simple enough.

    As for social reasons... I don't really know. But I heard about an interesting hypothesis. Originally, men were considered superior, and even though women have relatively the same rights as us today, there's something in your subconscious that tells you that women are inferior. That would explain why gays that are feminine are laughed at. They're "lowering themselves" to women. Girls can wear boys' clothes and not get mocked most of the time, and if they still seem weird, that's because they are "attempting to higher themselves" to men. Don't flame me for saying this though, it does make sense, though, but it's not like I truly believe that women are inferior, of course.

    On an unrelated note (but you might as well know), sex is, from what I've heard, 70% psychological and 30% physical (or is it 80-20?). Why? Simply because if you don't really think about sex and focus on the body, then... It's not a real experience, you're as good as a necrophile. There are other factors involved, of course. There's the consent part, you need to make sure you're READY when you have sex for the first time, for example. That's part of the psychological elements of sex.

    Oh, and idfc, there are condoms for girls too, in case you didn't know. Since you said "as long as her partners wear condoms" or something similar. I think they're quite uncomfortable, though, from what I've heard.
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    But isn't the fact that men can not get pregnant why its not a big deal. Also kraiden there is already a topic on this no need for 2 of them.

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    Yes, the fact that men cannot get pregnant might be a factor, but I don't really think this is why women are called sluts if they have sex with multiple partners, as opposed to men. I still think that it might be a factor that should be considered, but don't put too much emphasis on that fact. It is caused mostly by social reasons, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    women are called sluts if they have sex with multiple partners, as opposed to men.
    It could have something to do with the fact that calling a guy a slut doesn't sound right.

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    No, there isn't a topic on this. The other one is about your -views- on sex, not the difference between genders and opinions. I actually think this is interesting, and a good thread.

    I definitely noticed this too. It always seems okay for a guy to have sex a lot, and not guys.

    Here is a conversation that happened Friday actually, so kinda funny that the topic came up.

    Me; "Ugh, Greg is soooo hot."
    Cali; "Tell me about it, I heard he has a big dick too."
    Me; "Who'd you hear that from?"
    Cali; "Cassie, but with her you hear about a lot of guys."
    Me; "I wondered, she sleeps around a lot."
    Cali; "Yep, dirty slut. I still want Greg, though."
    Me; "Tell me about it."
    So right there, it's okay for the guy to have sex with tons of people, but not the girl.

    Also noticed too, when a girl is a virgin, and she doesn't sleep around, more guys seem to want her. When a guy is a virgin, it's just nasty, and you wonder whats wrong with him that he hasn't slept with anyone yet. Or like, my bff had sex with one of our friends, he was a virgin, and she was going down her list, and she didn't mention Justin, so I said to her, "You forgot Justin," she said to me, "Justin was a virgin before me, he doesn't count." so I said to her, well still, he counts. So she said, "Buddy, he busted a nut makin' out with you... thats like seconds to me, it's gross, he's gross."

    So anyways, I -have- noticed that it always seems okay for guys, and not for girls.

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    Sorry, I didn't actually search that term in the online translator I use. I don't know, men could be called prostitutes or something... Just get insulted... Never heard anything about women being called sluts when having multiple sex partners, where men can get away easily. I'm just assuming that it's true and I base my theory on that "fact".

    My OPINION is that it's simply because there are way more women that are prostitutes than men.

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