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Thread: The nuki song?

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    Default The nuki song?

    Has anyone seen this?

    YouTube - Nuki Nuki (The Nuki Song) Full Version Gummy Bear

    Sort weird yet catchy.(sort of weird being about pacifiers and loving them)

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    That's near 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

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    It's massive creepy but I like it.

    edit: I say this as I sit here sucking on my paci.
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    o.o whyyyyyyyy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Error404 View Post

    That's near 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
    This. o.o;

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    Interesting in theory...

    In practice, though, I think I'm being brainwashed or something... or initiated into some weird Europop alien pacifier cult. o_e

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    Holy crap...

    Gummibär songs scare me O.o The gummi bear guy is a little demented, imo lol...If it was sung by anyone else, it'd be great, but by that gummi bear? ...I agree with Akira...Pacifier cult. >.O They'll never take MY binky away, that's for sure.

    : AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGH! NOW IT'S IN MY HEAD! I need earworm exterminator, someone, please!

    ~ moogle

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    All of the Gummibär songs are weird, as if he's capitalizing on the temporary popularity of Swedish Pop and making pointless bubbly songs that repeat themselves. Something about his videos...makes me hate them :/

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