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  • I wish sexual feelings to play a lesser part in my diaper loving

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  • I wish sexual feeling to play a greater part in my diaper loving

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  • I am happy with the level of sexual feelings I have towards diapers

    53 59.55%
  • I have no sexual feelings towards diapers (asexual ect...please state)

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Thread: Diapers In Correlation With Sex Drive

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    Default Diapers In Correlation With Sex Drive

    basically how do you feel about your sex drive towards diapers and are you happy with it?

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    Diapers are turning into a sexual thing for me and it's creeping me out. I started in on infantilism to feel innocent and I don't want to lose that feeling.

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    I have been profoundly urinary incontinent most of my life, so for me some kind of diapers is a functional necessity. At age 26 I found that adult baby relaxation is a good coping strategy.

    Thus in my AB fantasy I have no sexual feelings.

    In my adult life I have normal sexual desires and drive.

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    I would feel much better if diapers were not a turn on at all for me personally. It started out as a emotional want of sort's then grew into a fetish in puberty, I just wish it would of stayed a emotional want.

    Of course I can always choose not to act upon my desires if I really don't want them and become a person of high will power.

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    They started as non-sexual to me, then they became sexual (in a secondary way), and now it's less sexual (probably because I'm not a teen anymore). I voted for the first option.

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    I'm asexual so I really don't have sexual feelings for diapers them selves. But I do get "stimulated" from the rubbing in that region while wearing one.

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    Very happy.

    I'm on quite good terms with my diapers.

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    For the better part of my sexuality, diapers exclusively drive it. I can get off to other stuff - quite a spectrum mind you - but I usually find myself incorporating diapers somehow.

    And yeah, I'm pretty comfortable/happy with it. I'm glad its this fetish that's almost exclusive to my sex-drive, as opposed to something that's more nasty or illegal.

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