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    Have you seen the commercials for scouting? I love everything about them, expecally the scout law at the beggining. I'm pritty sure there's only five out, but if you know there isn't please post the link.

    YouTube - Boy Scout Commercial - Trustworthy

    YouTube - Boy Scout Commercial - Helpful

    YouTube - Boy Scout Commercial - Thrifty

    YouTube - Boy Scout Commercial - Reverent

    YouTube - Boy Scout Commercial - Obedient

    The first two are the funniest, the rest just show what being a good scout is.

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    Yes; and they have their own rep sysrem. I was a scout and it was expensive and sucky; others reported great experiences though: it depends on the pack, and the scoutmasters. Scouts is a crap-shoot. Cadets is a much better deal, way cheaper, better facilities, solid leadership, access to tank-driving/sailing/flight school in the summers, and much more access to guns - and more importantly - gun training. I was in infantry cadets in the UK, and got to be radio op, bren crew, and shoot .303's lots, and even, on camp, a sten, pistol (Browning or Webley) and SLR/FN = semi-auto rifle. They only let us shoot the sten on 3 round bursts, bah. Humbug. The bren on full auto though: with blanks. Like 10 rounds for every 10 hours of cleaning it, it averaged out.

    Partly things may depend on which uniforms you prefer to see the other guys in.

    Back to Scouts though: YouTube - Tom Lehrer- Be Prepared

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    it depends on the pack, and the scoutmasters.
    Pack, as in cub scouts? Cub scouts is always all around terrible unless the leaders break the rules and actually do fun things. I can agree with the scoutmaster part though. I had one scoutmaster that planned for 2 years a trip to Alaska. The planning that went into it was insain, and the trip was amazing. We did the coolest things like white water rafting and sea cyacking. It was too cool. Then we got a new Scoutmaster and he was pritty good, we still did fun things. Then we got another one and even the simplest of events went horrably wrong. He left after a year though and now my dad is the scoutmaster, so now I'm the only one who doesn't have a good time (By the way... that was a joke).

    Also, that song was very funny. The interview made me angry, but the song was very funny.

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