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    Other than diapers (if you call them a vice), what does everyone else do thats either frowned upon, unsafe, or an addiction? Me I chew, i like apple skoal lol.

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    I'm heavily addicted to electronics. My Computer and Video Games mostly.

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    Electronics and I smoke the occasional cigarette.

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    cigarettes, (must quit soon! >.<) and another thing i want to keep private lol

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    Meth amphetamine, crack cocaine, and fat-ass blunts laced with vikiden...

    But not really... I don't even drink... I don't do anything teens are expected to do...
    I like stuff. Oh! I play guitar a lot! I mean too much! Two weeks ago, I literally played until my fingers bled...

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    <<<< I believe the username says it all?

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    Chewing gum. Orbit peppermint and sweetmint. I mix the flavors.

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    Booze, mostly just beers but sometimes a little hard liquor. I wouldn't call it a vice though because nothing bad has come of it, yet. I don't go out and beat the tar out of people, I don't go chasing women, I don't even get that drunk. I think I was an idiot to start though because my dad is a recovered alcoholic, and by recovered I mean he doesn't drink anymore, period. My mom doesn't even let vanilla extract in the house. I guess I got off lucky though because I'm fairly positive I am not an alcoholic.

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    Electronics and just sex in general. I was a drug addict back in high school, but just ended up replacing that addiction with something else.

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