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Thread: Musical Diapers

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    No, it's not a variation of 'Musical Chairs'. They are diapers that play some kind of tune or song when they are wet, so it's easier for kids to realize when it's time to go. I learned about this on the morning radio show thing, where they were listing songs that could play (like Drop it Like it's Hot by Snoop Dog).

    I could see the benefits of this, but a caller did bring up a good point. Would you be conditioned into ending up peeing everytime you heard that song? I can't really find any articles on any actual products, but I think this explains it.

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    That's, different? I suppose it could work like the "cool" alerts liner or other type of device to make kids realize that they are wet.

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    I actually went to a diaper party a few years ago where a parent stuck it in the *B's diaper, unbeknownest to him and all of a sudden it started playing! Needless to say the *B was taken back for a diaper change!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret View Post
    Can I hook up a subwoofer to it? And where is the 1/4 input jack?
    Ya, that's safe.

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    haha, still the funniest thing i have heard. I'm be in a elevator with all adults, and out of no where I'm starting hear the theme songs to spired man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    No, it's not a variation of 'Musical Chairs'.
    It should be!!! Just thought of that, and it would be the greatest game ever. I have no idea how you'd play, but I'm sure it'll be fun,

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    Wouldn't the kids just want to pee to hear the song over and over again? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xboxbaby View Post
    Wouldn't the kids just want to pee to hear the song over and over again?
    I know I would!

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    I remember vaugely, there was a potty that played music when wet, to encourage toddlers to use it. Now they use the same principle to make toddlers aware of their bodily functions and so not use it. Hmm. Isn't the very fact that disposable nappies are so good at soaking in moisture from the surface layers, the reason that children are not aware of wetness in the first place? Then was it Huggies or Pampers that brought out the wet-feel layer pull-ups? If they wore normal underware (even within the nappy?) they'd know when they were wet. Gah, makes me think it's all a money making opportunity to some.

    Have people seen the little floaty blue ball called Max that can go in the toilet to aim at?

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