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Thread: Hiyaz! Just stopping in to say hi

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    Default Hiyaz! Just stopping in to say hi

    So where do I begin.

    I'm a 16 (17 this 15'th) year old welsh kid who is mad for horses. I'm a pro horse rider, and I still don't own my own horsie, unfortunatley. And this probably isn't the best place to say it, but I'm a zoophiliac when it comes to horses. Just a bit of my lifestyle.

    I only really gave my diaper thang attention only a couple of years ago, and I remember the first time I bought my own. Boy, what a day that was. I like adult baby and such yadda yadda, and I'm a rougish furry, too. I don't like to see myself as one, but I "just fap to yiff now and again"

    So uhh, nice to be here. I been browsing on here for a couple o' days now, and I decided to join.

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    Hello fellow Welshman! It's nice to see another person from Wales here. I used to do horse-riding, but I gave up because I didn't like it anymore (I was about 7). To be honest, I wish I hadn't now...
    Anyway, have a great time here!

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    Welcome PQNY. You seem like an interesting person., so be sure to post around a bit.

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    Hi PQNY, glad you gave interest into the site. You will deffinetly love it here.

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    iechyd da

    Here in Edmonton we have the Saint David's Society AND The Sons Of Wales; I was born in Monmouthshire though I left too young to remember it. And I love that we have a new flavor of furry: fap-to, but not self-identify-with. Yay, cool. Raccoons like new flavors.

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    Welcome to ADISC, PQNY : )

    - Asher

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    I've never had such warm greetings before! I really appreciate it

    I have a good feeling I'm gonna luffs it here

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    I like Welsh pasties. (Close as I could come with the icon menu.)

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