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Thread: Takings Steps to My Future

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    Default Takings Steps to My Future

    Hi, as you all know, I'm a sissy TB who enjoys girly stuff, but that's not the point. The point is I'm starting to take steps to figuring out who I really am, genderwise. I recently met this friend on IMVU and she's trying to help me out with my gender identity issues. I recently have been putting alot of thought into surgery when I'm old enough. This friend suggested I get some counseling when I'm 18 to help me plan things out. She told me about the Ingersoll Gender Center which seems like a nice place. The only problem is, it's in Washington where she is and I'm like diagnally many states across from Washington. I'm currently looking for places in my area that can get me the counseling I need that is transgender friendly. Just letting every1 know that I'm taking steps in this process.

    Note:the counseling is not about my TB interests whatsoever, it is solely about my gender identity.

    Any input you may have is welcome, and wish me luck on sorting things out.

    Edit:Should I have posted this in mature topics?? I didn't even see mature topics forum til now.

    Reminder: I am a strong Athiest, like Moo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Lily View Post
    Edit:Should I have posted this in mature topics?? I didn't even see mature topics forum til now.
    *Moved to Mature Topics* It's about a sensitive issue so it should benefit by being here.

    On topic: Good luck on sorting out your gender issues! I'm sure there will be somewhere you can get counselling in your state about it.

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    it'd be best if I found somewhere in my own area, thx for the suggestion, though, Gen.

    Edit: Washington State
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    well i for one believe that god made you for who you are and you should not get a sex change. besides if you do than your family will think your weird and so will the town you live in, you cant expect people to be nice to a transvestite can you?

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    Jester, that is a problem. If Lily wants a sex change, then he/she (Sorry, I don't know if you go by he or she) should be able to do that. Actually, I have to say I'd accept a trans gendered person more than a dude dressed up in a skirt.

    Lily, I cannot answer your question, but I hope you find what your looking for, and good luck with your decision.

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    He's a guy.

    Second, Your straight, yes? You told me you were, so what exactly would you be, when you got changed.

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    he goes by he. The thing is i think scocity is crazy. not saying lily is gay but if a gay guy wants to change sex he is hated when he dose it and when he doesn't. I think its people are so dumb now that weird things confuse them so thy want everyone to be normal and don't like gays and such because it confuses them.

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