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Thread: mIRC!! Help!!!

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    Default mIRC!! Help!!!

    Well, I've had it for 210 days, and now it won't let me get in. You know after 30 days it makes you click 'continue' twice, well now the second continue button has changed to exit.

    Please don't give me the usual 'mIRC is ribbish etc etc' I just want to know what to do!!


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    I use a freeware prgram called Xchat, I would love to get you the link but my PC is being slow today

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    k, thanks. If no one else responds and your computer speeds up do you think you could post it some other time?

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    Uninstall it and delete the file, download this - mIRC 6.31 + Crack (download torrent) - TPB Install that, and place the crack file into whatever file it tells you to

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    What's a crack file? Will this give me a virus?

    How do i uninstall/delete the file?

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    I've managed to uninstall it, but now I'm getting this screen:

    I uninstalled and deleted limewire ages ago though! What do I do?

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    Tal, the same thing happened to me earlier. Just click exit when it says exit, open mIRC again and it will say continue

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    Quote Originally Posted by talula View Post
    Oh wait I've deleted it... help?
    Reinstall it from the site

    It didn't though! I tried it twice! I'll try again though!
    Hmm, strange. It only did it the once for me

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