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    Hi all, figured now that I have made my first post I would introduce myself.

    Not sure exactly what to post here, so this may sound disjointed as I think of stuff to post.

    I'm a normal dude from West Australia.

    Currently an unemployed student at TAFE.

    I Enjoy 4wding,

    I like music, specifically metal, (not extreme metal though) and I sing in a band. I play guitar when we need a third one for harmonies etc.

    I'm going to uni next year.

    I'm starting to get into motorbikes, but my town doesn't have any intructors.

    I play some computer games, but I'm not all that good. I'm no geek lol.

    As far as ab/dl stuff goes, I'm a pacifier lover . Apart from that I'm more a Daddy type.

    Uhh yeah, pretty much me in a nutshell.

    Oh and I really like Dragonball Z. I watched it for the first time on the remastered box sets just recently. I'm writing a fanfic about it which I'll post at some point.

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    Well welcome to the site...we look forward to your contributions and such. And so on. And so forth.

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    Kewl: 4wd-ing Aussies; you're not our first to like 4by-ing, and we have many car nuts, turbo 4banger to muscle v8's. I go for mileage, get 35-40 mpg in my ancient little sedan. What do plan on majoring in next year?

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