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    So today, while checking my hotmail, I made the same mistake I always do of typing in instead of (both my tb msn, and rl msn are However, rather than bringing me to the usual boring live homepage, it showed microsoft's newest version of msn search, now called bing.

    As far as UI goes, it's actually pretty nice. I haven't done much searches so I can't say much for accuracy there.

    Now as soon as they get a coherent unified strategy, and sort out the passport,, MSN, Hotmail, Windows Live, Live, and now Bing branding mess, they could actually become google's first solid competitor since Yahoo was relevant.

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    There was a pcworld review on that. Their conclusion was to stick with google. My issue with search engines is that I need the +/-/OR operators that google has. It gives me a lot better results. Bing is supposed to be a decision engine, not a new Live engine.

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    ..and does anyone even doubt that the immediate top results or decisions will always be M$ related? I refuse to find out, but tell me I'm wrong.

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    I its image search is better and deeper than Google, but that's the only good point I've found so far. Its better than any of the 'google killers' that have floated by in the past 3 years, but not enough for me to change.
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