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Thread: What's your job.

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    Default What's your job.

    Just thought I would make a thread for people to share what job they have.

    I work at a gas station called Dominator Fuels

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    I am Currently in the Marines. Waiting to get out so i can go to college.

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    At the moment I work part time in a wine shop, but if I hear some good news today I will have another part-time job in a clothes shop *fingers crossed*

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    Mechanic for a privately owned garage. Cars, trucks, tractors, and equipment.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm a case agent for Pretrial Release. it's sort of like being a parole agent except I supervise people pending trial instead of supervising them post-conviction.

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    Wasn't there a thread like this just a little while back?

    I DJ at parties and weddings, and I work at a book store as a day job.

    - Asher

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