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    So, who here is looking forward to, or at least interested in it?


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    I saw it during a commercial thing on

    It looks pretty cool. For a second I thought it was City of Heroes. ^_^

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    Already pre-ordered it. Looks like it'll be fun. And yeah, kinda resembles a CoH/Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game with a mature rating. Very much can't wait.

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    I just found out that grannies will be in the game. Nothing like destroying the military while disguised as a little old lady!

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    I just got it last night for my PC and it is a pretty fun game, in the very first part your dropped into the game with all sort's of crazy powers. But I think the best powers are running up walls for however long you want and gliding.

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    If it'll run on Windows 7 x64, I'm getting it. Depends on how much I like it to use another OS.

    WTF, no trial game -_-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
    If it'll run on Windows 7 x64, I'm getting it. Depends on how much I like it to use another OS.

    WTF, no trial game -_-
    in the very first part where your able to play you already unlock all the best powers. However after that tiny little part you start off with just a little bit of power but that changes fast. Your able to run up the side of bulidings within the first 30 mins and you can survive falling from anywhere at anytime. However if alex goes into water he will jump right back out.

    But they should release the tutorial as a demo since you can't free roam in it but you can still do a lot of cool stuff.

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    I don't know. It seems like it's just too gratuitous. It makes me wonder if they're trying to cover up a mediocre game with flashy powers and gore. I'll wait to see the consensus before I'd consider buying it.

    It looks like you're practically indestructible throughout the whole game. If you have all of your powers from the beginning, what do you have to look forward/build up to?

    It reminds me of the build up to Assassin's Creed, which I thought was a decidedly mediocre, therefore disappointing, game.

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