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Thread: Assurance redesign

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    Default Assurance redesign

    So did any one else notice that the wal-mart brand assurance diaper went from plastic backed to cloth-like with Velcro type tabs?

    I have mixed views about this as I can't easily decorate them with stickers and what-not as I could before. However It is now easier to re-adjust them with the Velcro and I think they are more comfortable although I don't believe that they "breath" so-to-speak any better than before.

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    Yea, its old news. No more plastic or standing leak guards. The velcro does have some advantages as mentioned but over all the change is for the worse.

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    These things need constant adjustment thanks to their lack of waistband, stretching backing, and the tabs slowly come off the back part.
    No leakguards or waistband make them now useless in a laying position.
    Worst 'improvement' ever.

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    Are they basically exactly like Walgreens briefs now?

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    I think these are worse than Walgreens briefs. At least the Walgreens ones are fairly sturdy and have capacity for more than a single use.

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    I used to love the Assurance diapers for quick, easy wearing. It is a true shame to see they have changed. Now, instead of buying Assurance in a pinch, I'll be supporting the only readily available plastic backed diaper left in most stores: Depends, in hoping that they, too, don't succumb to this horrific trend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annastacia View Post
    Are they basically exactly like Walgreens briefs now?
    Yup! CVS seem to have better tabs but Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart ARE all the same thing now. I don't think it is as much a design change as switching to a cheeper suplyer.

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    I wonder if they're trying to make diapers at retail cheaper because of lower profit margins, as more and more people are probably ordering through the internet because they know they can get better quality diapers which can be purchased in private.

    It used to be that I'd keep an eye on the retail shelves to see what new brands there were, or if my favorite brand had been improved, etc. If so, and if the description on the package sounded good, it would be so exciting to buy and try them out. Usually, they weren't as good as my favorite (Attends), but I had to know for sure. I remember when the new Attends (with the elastic waist with the blue tapes, softer inner lining, and improved absorbency) came out in the mid '90s; it was awesome. I was absolutely on and felt like I was wearing a baby diaper except for the 6-tape design (4 too many).

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