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    Much too shy to say much at the moment. Here as part of a maybe lifelong process of figuring this part of myself out and coming to terms with it. Had wetting problems as a little kid, probably nothing out of the ordinary. But they got mixed up with my sexual feelings at puberty. Pee + shame + sexual excitement. Ouch.

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    Welcome to ADISC. As you know we have members here who are about 13 and other members who are grandparents. It makes communication more meaningful if you share at least your grade in school or year in college. If in grad school or older some general idea about age helps.

    Do you want us to write to you as a guy or gal?

    The more we know about your interests, the more people will share similar desires with you.

    Best wishes, Angela

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    Hi Angela, and fair enough. I'm in my 40s, male, a parent, and going through one of a series of stages of trying to make sense of this part of my life, that's caused me many moments of pleasure and many years of pain.

    FWIW I've just updated my profile slightly with the most basic, accurate information.
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    Welcome to ADISC nonny

    Don't feel pressured to say anything you don't want to. A lot of conversation on here is non-diaper related so maybe you could get involved with that to boost your confidence a little. Do you have any hobbies or interests that you want to share?

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    As a parent, you must have taught your kid(s) something in a school subject - shop, drama, math, physed, anything - that was not covered in the school's curriculum. What and how? (By example, by scolding, by bed-time story, by lecture, by hug...)

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