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    Just browsing Facebook, seeing pictures of these "friends" of mine. And is pissing me off! I envy the happiness they have! They play all day, while I work, doing hard labor. I am also watching Engineering an Empire: France, It is at the part of Louis XIV and it is getting me fired up as well.

    Regardless... it angers me to see the fun that they have together. Oh well...I work meaning everyday worked makes me richer than them. As Louis XIV said "I am the State!" Soon that will be me...I will be the government! Then they will all envy me! They will pray not to feel my brutal rath. I may envy their Social lifestyle now, but they will envy my power ad wealth in 30 years from now!!!

    Well sorry for this rant, I just had to get it off my chest.

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    As I like to say of things that vex me... in my inferno, they will burn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovalchuk View Post
    As I like to say of these said people... in my inferno, they will burn.
    They WILL!!! Girls will have orgasms just looking at me...not because of my looks, but of the power and wealth that I represent!

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    Welcome to the real world death and taxes as they say. *backs away slowly*

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    Cupcake, you're changing your name so much it's making my head spin, haha..... Anyway, I think sometimes it seems like others are having so much fun, but maybe they're not. Sometimes we write one thing, but do we really mean it? Anyway, wait until you get older, as it only gets worse. All I do is work and sleep for the most part. There's got to be more.

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