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Thread: Emotional kicks from medical needs?

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    Default Emotional kicks from medical needs?

    There's something I've been wondering. Maybe people might like to comment and shed some light on this...

    Do people who get an emotional kick from wearing a nappy/diaper also feel quite good about needing a dressing or bandage over a wound or injury when they accidently get hurt from time to time, as naturally happens? (I am speaking of minor injuries by the way, not anything disabling or very serious).

    Let me explain...

    I am NOT suggesting that people who like to wear nappies also like to get hurt. NO. I expect there are people on this forum who self-injure and there may be some people would don't mind or even relish pain. But that's NOT what I'm talking about here.

    I'm wondering whether there is some sort of similarity between how it feels to tend to a wound and how it feels to tend to changing your own nappy. Both involve tangibly tending to a physical need. I suppose I could take it further and suggest a few other similarities, for example, sometimes an injury leaks blood and needs something absorbant applied, or something wrapped quite tightly around it, features that are parallel to diapers? But it's more than the physical...

    As a child, I remember lapping up every moment of having to wear a sling for a broken arm. Yes, I enjoyed the special attention it sometimes gave me, but more than that, it was the sense of having to wear something out of necessity for a limited time, for a genuine (medical) reason, that I enjoyed. The feeling it brought was very similar to the way wearing a nappy can make me feel.

    Perhaps, for some, the secret relishing of tending to a wound or mild medical need can be an early sign of, or a small step towards, liking a diaper?

    I'm sure some people will think this is a stange suggestion. But perhaps some people might know what I mean? Can you help me explain it? Or offer some insight?

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    I understand what your trying to say. I dont reember much as a child having to many broken bones or anything. but Who knows for sure. We are all so diff.

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    The only sort of thing that I can think of is when I tripped at work and beat the hell out of my legs.

    One of the other employees insisted on taking me to the back and putting bandages on the scrapes, rather than letting me do it myself (Let me say right now that it doesn't mean anything. She's a fairly carefree person and enjoys uncommon situations like that. She would have reacted that way with any person that she's friends with).

    While she was doing that, I got a huge emotional kick out of the fact that she was taking care of me in such a way. I was able to overlay fake emotions (Love, Affection, Tenderness) onto her actions, and it made me feel extremely good.

    But did the act of having a bandage put on me, pressing against my skin and sealing an opening, make me feel good? No. It was the (imagined) affection that I associated with my friend bandaging my legs.

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    I think I get what you are saying. For me, I have a cast/brace fetish along with a diaper fetish, so I enjoy wearing braces. I have only had to wear a brace once, and I did enjoy it. I do like the extra attention, but at the same time I hate it, because I like doing things myself, rather than having people attend to my every need.

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    After a pellet gun in my closet going off in my leg last year. NO. Its not the same and just doesn't do it for me. Changing the dressings and washing with saline all the time isn't anywhere near like changing a diaper to me. Limping around for a couple months wasn't fun either, same goes for a severely sprained ankle (didn't land a 6ft jump). Heck I don't mind wearing diapers around people but the embarassment of having my closet shoot me was just too much.

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    i remember when i was younger i was afraid to tell my parents when i was sick or injured because i liked the attention it got me so much, and i was worried they'd be able to tell. when i tried to tell them i was feeling sick i couldn't get the words out -- i couldn't figure out how to make my voice sound normal. it always sounded ostentatiously pathetic to me, and i didn't want it to seem like i was pleading for attention. then they'd get all concerned and feel my forehead and all that, and i'd be so embarrassed i just wanted to cover my face and hide.

    i wonder if that's related to the fact that i like diapers. i've always had this secret desire to be held and cared for, but for some reason i've always been terribly terribly ashamed of it.

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    Thanks for your responses, it's interesting to find out people's different perspectives. I can relate to some of what you say. Avery, you reminded me...As a young child, I once had my Mum guessing for days what my 'secret' was because I was too embarrassed to say my tummy hurt!

    I've been thinking about it all and I guess I've tried to form some theory, or a summary - if that's possible. But I'm not there yet, so say what you think.'s my thoughts:

    There seems to be a kind of shame at needing assistence and an urge to be independent but also a conflicting enjoyment of the nurturing recieved. So maybe a desire for special attention and care, but at the same time, being ashamed of that conflicting urge. This seems to be applicable to both diapers and medical-type care.

    There may be some sort of satisfaction in being seen to have a need but dealing with it so independantly that no one ever really knows about the condition, other than an odd glimpse or hint here and there. Perhaps that's why some of us, even though we know our nappy-wearing is a private thing and we want it to remain so, still can't help but feel a buzz when our nappy accidently sticks out as we bend down in the supermarket.

    Am I summing this up well or have I got it wrong?

    Maybe this is taking things too deep and I don't want to go all psychological just for the sake of it, but I've studied some psychology theory (Fowler and Westerhoff) that suggests that within the toddler years there is a tension between autonomy (new-found independence) and shame (messing up - pun part intended, and needing care). When a healthy balance is found between autonomy and shame, the stage has been resolved. This all seems pretty logical to me. It makes me wonder whether my desires (and other peoples) might come from this sort of 'autonomy vs shame' conflict, which also manifests itself in medical-type needs as well as diapers.

    What do you think? Both about this and the original thread-starting post?
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    Quote Originally Posted by avery View Post
    i wonder if that's related to the fact that i like diapers. i've always had this secret desire to be held and cared for, but for some reason i've always been terribly terribly ashamed of it.
    Heh, Me Too. O_o

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    I think this thread raises some interesting points. I had not thought of the connection between medical care and our fetishes. I think there is a connection between the need to be cared for and the excuse medical care gives you to be cared for.

    I have self-harmed for many years, and have previously written that part of the reason I self-harm is to give myself an excuse to comfort myself: to soothe wounds and bruises by rubbing cream into them, by covering them in soft bandages. I know you were not connecting self-harm with this fetish in this thread, but I wanted to bring this up, because I think part of my urge for self-harm stems from the same place that longs for nappies, soothers and bottles. Wounds give me an excuse for comfort and being babied. And comfort and being babied are a huge part of this fetish for me. I can really see how wounds, whether deliberate or not, and their care, could feel similar to people to nappies or other parts of this fetish.

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    I was really accident prone as a young boy, always getting scrapes, scuffs, scratches, bruises, etc.

    Then again I was really active and adventurous so I guess it came with the territory.

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