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Thread: What type of Fury are you, and why?

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    Default What type of Fury are you, and why?

    What type for Fury are you??

    I would be a rabbit if any. I like rabbits allot. I used to own 2 rabbits, an the male rabbit acted alot like I do :|. Who know maybe I'm a fury and dont know it yet lol.

    I found a cool website that had some stuff on what rabbits symbolize

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    I'm a fox/wolf hybrid.

    I've always loved foxes, since I was little. The wolf I started to really like after playing Okami.

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    I thought there was only one type of Fury - the winged girls with snakes for hair. >o>

    Now, if you mean furry, then I's a puppy. n-n

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think I put this in the other furry thread too, but what the heck.


    They're pretty, they fly, they're important to the ecology, and they are physically incapable of hurting anyone or anything. Spiritually, they represent change, transformation, and eternal life. What's not to like?

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    hmm srry didnt know there was a thread on this, being that i never come to this part of the forums :\

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    Brown bear from the Republic of California.

    I chose a bear because it is the animal I feel most like. He's a cub for obvious reasons. The Chocobo is a personal twist, but isn't my fursona. Just his favorite doll. The white hair is supposed to resemble mine, when I dyed it.

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    I have 2 fursonas. One being a wolf/mutt mix. And another being a lop rabbit ^^

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