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    Default Smoking

    Who here smokes? Lets have a thoughtful discussion on the topic.

    What's your favourite brand Why? What type do you prefer? Ect.

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    Let me start with a warning to all the people reading this(mainly aimed at younger members) I never intended to become a smoker, It was the occasional smoke here and there and yes, the buzz you get at first is amazing. But addiction does happen and even after my relatively short time smoking it's still a bitch to quit. So don't start you'll end up putting alot more money than your comfortable with into cigarettes.

    That being said i smoke pretty much anything menthol, Mainly basics, atm because they are the only smoke i have found so far that balances price with a decent cigarette.

    I started with newports but after the price hike we all switched to basic.

    And i have been known to enjoy this one cigarette that a friend of mine gets, they are all natural cloves, and they make your mouth and lips taste really strong like fruit for hours afterward.(bah something)

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    The only ones I liked so far is the cloves. I think I only really smoked durjarems or something like that.. they had Black, Vanilla and other types of flavors.

    I only ever bought one back, the rest I bummed off a friend and I rarely smoked them and when I did I was doing it the pussy way. :P

    Anyways they cost so damn much as it is even without the insane tax California has on all tobacco. Plus diapers are cheaper, if not last a LOT longer. Plus NUK 5's are better too.

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    I haven't smoked, I haven't tried a cigarette, and I don't really want to try it.

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    Let me start this out by saying that smoking is not a positive thing in the end, so if you don't do it then please don't feel compelled to do it to "fit in" or be cool. I started smoking because of such desires to fit in with an older crowd when I was a teenager, and it took many years to kick the habit.

    That being said, I am a bit of a hypocrite, and though I have stopped smoking cigarettes for several years I still very much enjoy the occasional cigar. I took my wife to Mexico last summer, and I was able to bring myself back a few boxes of Cohiba Siglos and Montecristo Especials. There is nothing quite like a relaxing evening in a thick diaper watching bad movies and nursing a decent single-malt while having a one man herf.

    I think I'm getting old or something :/ lol

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    My girl smokes. She hates it. It's expensive, and it's just about impossible to quit. It's an ongoing struggle. If you haven't started yet, don't.

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    I had my first cigarette when I was around 13 mainly due to peer pressure, but I was also slightly curious. I maybe smoked no more than 10 in a month at this point, then I didn't touch one for 7 years. Then a year and a half a go I split up with my girlfriend and one night while feeling quite depressed I really wanted a smoke, so I went out to get some.

    I've been smoking ever since but not heavily; I maybe get through 30 a week at the most. Having too many in a short period really gives me a headache and makes me want to stop, but then after going say a day without one then I find I can barely function without having a smoke.

    However, I do want to quit, and I will put my cravings off for as long as possible before succumbing. I've tried quitting outright without success, so I'm going for the gradual cutting-down method. I'm taking it quite slowly, and I think I'll be down to about 20 a week in a month's time. There are some weeks where I smoke a lot more than 30, but that's normally due to a particularly stressful day, but I am getting there slowly. My best advice for anyone trying to quit is "you haven't failed until you stop trying".

    As for what I smoke, I tend to swap brands regularly because I get too used to the taste of them. My favourites however are Camel and Benson & Hedges Gold.

    And finally, like others have said, if you're thinking about starting smoking... DON'T!

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    Only cubans, my friend. and the occasional flavoured cigarillo. Neither of which you're supposed to inhale.

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    Yes, I smoke Peter Jackson cigarettes, the're one of the cheapest priced brands around here. I smoke around 10 per day.
    I've been trying to quit for quite a while.
    I read an article a while back where ex-heroin addicts were giving up smoking tobbacco, and they said quiting the cigarettes was harder than quiting the heroin.
    So, don't start smoking, it's very hard to quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevindhca View Post
    I read an article a while back where ex-heroin addicts were giving up smoking tobbacco, and they said quiting the cigarettes was harder than quiting the heroin. So, don't start smoking, it's very hard to quit.
    Yet it's still possible to quit..

    Anyways here's a good video for anyone who actually does want to quit. :: Smokin' Smokers ::

    Listen to the squirrel.

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