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Thread: My New Blog... (& Annies, too!)

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    Exclamation My New Blog... (& Annies, too!)

    I don't think the links section does it justice, so I'm making a post here....

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    Looks like it could be cool; good luck sticking with it. That's the main barrier with blogging. I know I've looked up and seen a couple weeks gone by without an update on mine. Hopefully you can get through that.

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    Oi, blogs...I'll make sure to bookmark them for now, as surfing through blogs is fun every once in awhile. Here's to hoping you don't get overwhelmed by folks.

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    Good to see your blog back, Cupcake, I always liked your style from when we first ran into each other at the other forum. Annie, I like your style too. I hope that the jerks, morons and nutbags leave you all alone this time around.


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    Oh goddess... you change them too often... I add a link to you on my blog and then you go off and make a new one Y_Y

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