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Thread: You won't believe what I found in my room!

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    Default You won't believe what I found in my room!

    last night, at like 12 pm, I was looking for good hiding places for diapers if I ever get any. There is a small dresser next to my bed, that I thought might have a good sized space between the bottom drawer and the bottom piece. So, I took the drawer out all the way, and guess what I found between the drawer and the backboard...


    It was like looking for a good place to hide a spare key, only to find someone else's keys!

    Because I was so tired, it really freaked me out, I almost thought that these might of been causing my feeling toward diapers all this time!

    Today, I examined them. At first I thought they were from my mom's room because of her doll collection. Plus I always thought I wore disposables as a baby. Anyway, I googled the tag, and found out they were a real brand of plastic pants, not for some doll.

    The dresser is baby blue and has ducks on the inside of each drawer. Its pretty old, and might have once been used to hold diapers. The pants them selves are for a 10-12 pound child. Also they have some weird stains on them, no I didn't smell them, I'm just going to be optimistic and believe they are stains from when the dresser was being refurbished. I don't feel an urge to wear them because I'm mostly into disposables and these look a bit unsanitary. Still, I can't believe what I found!

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    You could wash them off, if they actually fit. If they don't fit, then don't even bother. If you wash them well, and the stains are still there, then it's still sanitary to wear them. It's just unsightly. Sounds pretty lucky/coincidental though

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    Damn, that's lucky!

    Although, 10-12 Pounds, does sound a little small...

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    10-12 pounds sounds small! But if you can fit into them and wash them then go ahead and wear them you lucky Duck you!

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    I wish I lived in the same house as when I was a baby because then I might find some babyish stuff like that.

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    It's an omen from the diaper gods, saying that one day you will grow up to like diapers, and, as if by magic, will find some old plastic pants, and then take that event as an omen! It's been predicted! I hope the diaper gods smile upon you and nobody finds your stash.

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    Hehe - crazy days. If they are that small though, I doubt that you will fit in them. Just enjoy the irony of the fact that you found them while looking for somewhere to hide your diapers. If they do fit, all the better.

    You can wear plastic pants with disposables. They don't stop holding leaks in just because the thing in them is disposable. And disposables still leak.

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    Nice findings. I really wish that I could be as fortunate to find such a thing too. But oh well. That is life.

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    Yeah they're way too small to use. I wonder if asking my mom what my night stand was used for would be going too far.

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